Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Move to iOS app is designed to lead users to the operating system Android – Computer Information Portal

The sixth generation of iPhones has become a great success of Apple, which is due to them set a record for volume shipments of smart phones on the market, and their market capitalization. Taking advantage of the fruits of this success, Apple is not averse to lure more users with a rival platform Android, and to facilitate the transition process is going to release before the end of the year an application Move to iOS.

The program should allow to easily move your contacts list , history of messages, pictures and video, browser bookmarks, e-mail service accounts, calendars, wallpapers, audio files not protected by DRM and books. Free applications from the store Google should be replaced with counterparts from Apple App Store, if any. Paid apps from Android will be added to the user’s wish list App Store.


Apple promises the most secure data transfer process, during which they do not fall into the wrong hands. How the process will work, not reported. Upon its completion, the application on the Android device prompts the user to pay for recycling.

The application was not discussed at the WWDC this week, however, it appeared on page 9 of the provisional version of iOS, see “Migrating from Android». Previously, Tim Cook said that with the advent of iPhone 6 level crossings to Android users on iOS was the highest in three years.


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