Friday, June 19, 2015

The first Blackberry smartphone with Android can go in August –

As we have reported, the company is credited with the intention of using BlackBerry OS Android smartphone in the new. Publication Reuters named a likely candidate for use Android smartphone with a curved touch screen and slide-out keyboard, a prototype of which was shown at the event MWC2015 in March. This smartphone BlackBerry Venice on the platform Snapdragon 808, whose output is expected to fall.

However, according to new reports, Venice is not running Android, and BlackBerry device with this OS will be released earlier.


The device is an entry-level called Prague will be presented in August. He will not have a hardware keyboard, only a touch screen. Smartphone BlackBerry Prague with OS Android, looks like a model of BlackBerry Z3, as shown in the illustration is designed for developing countries.

Source: GSM Arena



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