Sunday, June 21, 2015

Smart Watches Moto 360 received updated Android Wear –

Google has released an update for OS Android Wear smart watch Moto 360. Upgrading Android Wear improves in Moto 360 Wi-Fi support and adds new features.


In particular, the movement of the wrist you can now move to the previous or next message on the screen hours.

users will be simple possibility posts of emoticons Emoji. It is enough to draw a picture and Moto 360 converts it into a smiley face and send to the recipient.

Improved support for Wi-Fi means that the watch Moto 360 will be connected to the network, even if go out of Bluetooth range smartphone with which they are paired.

There was a mode Always-on to applications running constantly, for example, lists or navigators. This app will always be in the foreground and center of the screen. Even if the application becomes inactive, information about it on the screen will be updated in the background.

In addition, you can quickly access to applications and contacts and notifications now appear at the bottom of the screen, even if the user is interacting with another application.

Source: Motorola



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