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Choosing a translator for android-devices: Translate.Ru, Yandex. Translation and Instant Traductor Light –

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Translator is simply created for mobile devices, since the latter makes it truly mobile, making it easier life. However, this program should not be just “the dictionary”, and offers a full-fledged translator and even talk. It’s no secret that often the output we get “funny” translation, the meaning of which accounts for only guess.

Next, we examine how to cope with its task eminent Translate.Ru and “Yandex. Translator “, as well as a little-known but very interesting” Instant translator »studio FlyJam.

600x370 323 KB. Big one: 600x377 327 KB


Google Translator We specifically did not take into account, because the “Dictionary” is already jammed into holes; instead, look at the domestic Yandex, especially because supposedly the last almost a panacea for all the world’s languages. Translate.Ru sitting on the engine, PROMT, saying that I am and all the others only a pathetic parody of me. And verify the application.

ended skromnyaga review from the guys from FlyJam. Last not particularly put out, but not far behind in terms of functionality, but it can offer some features that can not be found in the other survey participants. Who knows, maybe “Instant translator” will handicap their more eminent brethren?

As the test equipment used tablet DEXP Ursus 8EV2 3G (Android 4.4.2, CPU MT8382, 4 x 1300 MHz, 1GB RAM).



600x135 41 KB. Big one: 1145x257 78 KB




Translate.Ru – software trick. No, nothing “criminal”, simply in order to take advantage of off-line interpreter, you should pay the money, and most importantly – when it is not necessary to change the system, otherwise the license will fly. But we digress.

What do we expect? All the world’s major languages, voice-translator, PROMT technology and search dictionaries. We are interested in is the quality of translation and nothing more, and even marketing the chips leave the conscience of developers.

Score in Google Play

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
2.3 or higher

3.6 MB

Application Version

Shopping in the annex
From 129 to 299 rubles per unit

Main functions:

  • High quality translation with the help of advanced technology PROMT.

  • Voice translator.

  • Search by dictionaries.

  • Offline-phrasebooks for travelers.

  • Optimization of roaming traffic.

  • The history of translation.

  • The application remembers the last 50 translations are available offline.

Work with the languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Japanese and Russian.



  • The approximate location (network-based).


  • View SMS and MMS.

Photo / multimedia / files:

  • Changing / deleting data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on USB-drive.

The data on Wi-Fi-connected:

  • View the connections Wi-Fi.

The device ID and call information:

  • Get the data on the status of the phone.


  • Unlimited Internet access;

  • View network connections.


The ability to self-configure

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0-3.5% /
70.9-80.3 MB

Translation common themes / technical text
Good / Average

Offline Translator
There are (paid)

Voice Translator
Yes / well

Yes / well


The stability and speed of


First of all, the program is synchronized with the server. And the first thing we see – a small banner at the bottom of the screen. The rest of us to the familiar interface PROMT, that is, we propose to introduce text or URL. At the top we can choose from any language to any transfer. There is a voice input and phrasebook.

In general, at first glance, has all the essentials, and the app will show itself, check for testing.

300x450 22 KB. Big one: 800x1280 64 KB  300x450 21 KB. Big one: 800x1280 67 KB

Traditionally, refer to the” three points “(upper right corner). There is duplicated button for a phrase, is the history of translation, the translation settings, and SMS.

Well, the translation function SMS is useful only in the journey, but its presence is particularly pleasing.

300x450 26 KB. Big one: 800x1280 83 KB

As for the settings, then there is nothing special for mobile interpreter. Translate.Ru can minimize the traffic in roaming is automatically paste text from the clipboard, and automatically translated by changing the language and themes.

Here is purchased offline version (299 rubles for Google Play) and loaded conversation. A complete list of available languages ​​sounded at the beginning of the article, and the distribution of an interpreter weighs an average of 500 Kbytes.

Well, we later to load and test their work, but for now let’s deal with the appetites of the program.

300x450 122 KB. Big one: 800x1280 439 KB  300x450 39 KB. Big one: 800x1280 163 KB
 300x450 16 KB. Big one: 800x1280 59 KB  300x450 34 KB. Big one:  800x1280 139 KB


Consumes Translate.Ru good – 70.9 MB of RAM with zero CPU load quiescent . But this case is suitable for all possible android-devices (version 2.3 or later).

300x450 42 KB. Big one: 800x1280 187 KB

With regard to permits, nothing except doubt look up the user’s location, although the translator and is not critical. Yes, and the volume of applications is normal – just 13.25 MB stolen from the system space.

450x339 55 KB. Big one: 719x542 70 KB

Let’s start with a simple translation. Drives a text manually is not much use, so try to translate some web pages in English, German, French and Japanese. To do this, use your clipboard. A translation from Russian into other languages ​​will check for testing voice input.

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