Monday, June 29, 2015

Mobile banking iRietumu – now also for Android – Bankir.Ru


The largest private bank in Latvia Rietumu has launched a new online banking application iRietumu for devices on the platform Android – like mobile phones, and tablets.

Rietumu became at one time the first bank in the Baltic States, which has provided its customers with the ability to remotely control the account through a mobile application. For devices Apple’s application has been available since 2010, and more recently with the Internet bank iRietumu users can work on Windows Mobile devices and Android.

A mobile application for the Android platform iRietumu allows bank customers to perform all the basic transactions – payments, conversion, updating maps, information and statements on deposits, loans and investment portfolios; as well as placing orders and receipt of the notification – just a few clicks, virtually anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

In recent years, Rietumu regularly confirms its leading position in the field of “human” use of new technologies. Most recently, the first in the Baltics and one of the first in Europe, it is built in the mobile banking Digipass thus allowing its customers to leave the house under lock and key “material and physical” code calculator.

Digipass for Mobile – it really unique technology to customers working with the bank to mobile devices; it is counted as one-time password to log into the Internet bank and a unique digital signature for external payments.

What is important and unique: the built-in implementation of mobile Digipass Rietumu is a complete analog – functional and visual – “physical” device authentication and can be used even in offline mode, without an Internet connection, for example, when dealing with the bank over the phone.

Of course, the new application of Internet bank meets the modern requirements for reliability and security for remote management account has multiple levels of encryption and data protection.

A unique system of mobile digipasa was developed in partnership with VASCO – a world leader in the development of device authentication.

In the development of applications, special attention has been given the simplicity and convenience – these qualities have long been part of the “corporate identity” technology bank Rietumu. Senior Vice President of Rietumu Eugene Dugaev says it this way: “Of course, one of the basic requirements for the application of Internet bank – uncompromising safety standards. But we also understand that the application will benefit ordinary people and they should be very simple, clear and comfortable. Most of the operations in iRietumu can make just a few movements. Also, in our application provides the ability to connect to a single device several digipasov, for other family members, and provide such details as the protection of applications from children. The tablet, for example, in real life it is a family devaysom with which children often play, and will save additional protection from accidental operation with the banking application. It is important that the level of protection allows us to deliver all payment possibilities of our bank, and our customers can make the most serious operations at any time “.

The application for Android is now available in Google Play, entitled” iRietumu “. You can download and install on your device, and start using with your existing token.

If you want to be able to leave the house a physical token, you can get a QR-code activation of Digipass for Mobile with your personal manager.

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