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What if you forget the password for your iPhone or Android – Russian newspaper

Most of the people for whom a smartphone Android or iOS – not just entertainment, but at least in part a working tool, use a password or unlock pattern to unlock the screen. Without knowing it, you can not access the phone features – a locked unit except that you can dial the emergency number 112. Or run the camera.

In this case, the password, even if the four-digit, much safer than the graphical key. Last, you can guess, just look closely at the surface of the glass – fingerprints are usually seen very well.

But what if you forget the password or key? And from Apple, and Google has special procedures created for just such cases.

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If you have iPhone (or iPad)

First of all, as long as you have not forgotten your password, turn on automatic backup of data in the “cloud.” Open the “Settings” menu, go to “iCloud – Storage and copies” and slide the “Copy to iCloud” in the active position.

This method has its drawbacks – iCloud storage space sooner or later end and for additional gigabytes will need to pay. Therefore, it makes sense to regularly back up data on your computer. Suitable for both PC for Windows, and Mac-PC. Instructions explaining how to do it, is available at Apple.

Now that you have done all this, imagine a situation with a forgotten password. In order to get the iPhone or iPad in the same form as before, you will need to translate it into emergency mode DFU (Device Firmware Update), which, when connected to a computer is recognized as a recovery mode. To do this on a running machine to clamp the power button and home button round. Keep them for the next ten seconds, after which the device restarts and displays the logo Apple. Release the power button but keep holding home. After that, the picture will appear USB-cable, meaning that the device can be connected to a computer.

Combining the gadget and the PC, launch iTunes. She “sees” the connected iPhone or iPad in recovery mode. Click “Restore” – and the program will begin the procedure, after which the device will be in the same condition as before the lockout, and the password is disabled. However, some settings may be lost.

There is another method which does not require connecting to iTunes. You can, using a web browser on any device, go to the site, find the list of the blocked gadget, and click “Erase iPhone” (“Erase iPad”). After this setup assistant on the iPhone will offer to restore the data from the latest backup.

Please note – if your tablet or smartphone never in my life not connected to your computer or download the backups in the “cloud”, there is a chance have a “clean” iPhone or iPad, which will need to be reset.

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If you have a tablet or smartphone on Android

Here, the situation is slightly more complicated, because manufacturers of smartphones and tablets on Android a lot, and each can on its own to organize the recovery procedure. However, there are universal, as described on the site Google.

According to this procedure, after several unsuccessful attempts to unlock the device appears on the screen “Lost graphic key?”. By clicking on it, you will see a form to enter your username and password to your account at Google. If you enter it correctly, your phone or tablet is released, and you will need to set a new password or unlock pattern.

In case you forgot the password to the account Google, you can use the instructions for recovery. Password recovery is possible through a standard browser. Unfortunately, this method does not work with Android 5.0 and above.

The second way – a complete erasure of all data from the phone and their subsequent recovery (instructions can be found at Google, there is told exactly which data is stored) . To restore the data was from, they first have to be saved as a backup on servers Google.

For a copy of the data is saved automatically activate the appropriate option in the settings. Usually it is called “Backup & reset” or “Backup and reset.” In this menu you need to install the box next to “Copy data”. The updated version of Android should be set to active position switches “Reservation Information” and “Auto Recovery”. In this case, all the phone settings and applications, including passwords saved.

By the way, the developers of Google recently released a new version of the application “Photo”, which automatically loads the Internet all made with the camera. At any time, you can download them to your phone again.

How do I erase the data? Very simple. It should open in any browser address, log in to your account Google, select the desired phone from the list n press the “Clear”. By the way, the data on the memory card (if any) will not be affected. There’s also, if desired, by the way, you can set a new password and lock screen.

There is a sad moment – SMS-messages and contact list is likely to not be able to save. Therefore they also need to maintain Google’s servers in advance. It must be done only once – in the future, all information will be synchronized automatically. Instructions are on the site Google.

Owners of the Samsung devices can use a program called KIES. With it you can save to your computer almost all the information, including configuration, SMS and phone numbers from the phone book. By installing the software, connect your phone to your computer and follow the instructions.


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