Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dragon Quest VI came out on iOS and Android – 3DNews

The company Square Enix has announced the release role playing game Dragon Quest VI on both iOS and Android. For the first time the game appeared on the console Super Nintendo in 1995, and an updated version was released in 2010 on a portable console Nintendo DS, and it also has been used for porting to mobile platforms. The new version has a more elaborated graphics, otherwise it’s all the same Dragon Quest VI, fan-favorite series.

The plot tells about the adventures of a hero who lost his memory. He’s going to go on a long journey. Very soon, the character discovers that, in addition to the ordinary world, there is a world of dreams. Traveling around him, he finds new friends and come into confrontation with the villain who wants to turn into a nightmare both worlds. Now, the main protagonist has to overcome many dangers and save the parallel worlds of the global conspiracy. The gameplay is reduced to the study areas, interaction with other characters and the battles that take place in steps.

The classic version of Dragon Quest VI has sold 3.2 million copies and became the most popular game in Japan in 1995. The updated version for the DS also proved to be very popular among the residents of the rising sun – were sold 1.2 million cartridges (as of March 2010). In Europe and America, the game remained practically unnoticed.

Note that Square Enix previously released on mobile platforms six parts Final Fantasy, as well as games series Chaos Rings, Dragon Quest and Tomb Rider. Buy Dragon Quest VI in the App Store and Google Play, you can now – for the iOS version will cost 899 rubles. And the Android-version costs 805 rubles. Square Enix has always differed a bit overpriced for reissue their classic games, but if you like the genre jRPG, then skip Dragon Quest VI definitely not worth it.


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