Friday, June 12, 2015

BlackBerry is credited with the intention of using the new OS Android smartphone –

The company is considering the possibility to use the BlackBerry in its future smartphone operating system Google Android. If that happens, it will be the first BlackBerry smartphone with OS Android. Opting for Android it can be considered as an admission that the device with its own operating system BlackBerry 10 did not help the company return to the mass market smartphones.

The company BlackBerry, once is one of the main participants in the smartphone market, now occupies less than 1% of the market.

According to anonymous informants, which refers to the source, the transition to the use of Android is part of a strategy of BlackBerry, providing for the transfer of effort to develop applications and management tools smartphones.

It is not clear whether at the same time stopped the release of the current line of devices with BlackBerry OS 10, which is the first model with great pomp was introduced in 2013. Despite the rave reviews in the first review, these devices were late in entering the market, already divided between Android and iOS.


The company BlackBerry responded to a question regarding the possible source of the transition to OS Android. The mailer says that the manufacturer does not comment on rumors, but remains committed to operating system BlackBerry, which provides “unparalleled advantage of the security and performance.”

The company promotes corporate BlackBerry mobile device management system BES12. However, according to the source, the producer is difficult to convince customers that the system BES12 compatible not only with smartphones BlackBerry, and devices running under Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. In this context, the issue of own vehicle with the Android OS can be seen as a move intended to break the stereotype and demonstrate the versatility BES12.

The most likely candidate for the use of Android is called a smartphone with a curved touch screen and slide-out keyboard, whose output is expected to fall. A prototype of the device shown in the BlackBerry company MWC2015 in March this year.

Source: Reuters



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