Saturday, June 27, 2015

Arcade Hyperburner appear on the iOS and Android this summer – 3DNews

In the near future in the App Store and Google Play will be released from the studio arcade Hyperburner Bad Potion. The assurances of the authors, we are waiting three dozen levels to be overcome in the futuristic ship. Locations promise variety – space, huge mines, huge ventilation system, industrial landscapes and much more. The player’s task – to fly on a level as quickly as possible and not to run into obstacles. In space, we are big asteroids between them need to skillfully maneuver duct a lot of the giant fan with large blades that is easy to cut, plus everything that has mines and deadly rays. So the journey is exciting and not easy.

As said by the developers in order to succeed, we must be able to concentrate and be very careful – a lot of obstacles and dangers, so you need to respond very quickly to what is happening. The slightest mistake threatens to clash and restart the level. The creators promise atmospheric soundtrack and dynamic gameplay. Also, the game will be added to the rating system that compares the results with the success of other players. As you go you will grow in rank, to open more powerful ships and getting extra lives that can be used during the passage of levels at high speeds and getting points in the endless game mode.

Out Hyperburner to be held this summer iPad, iPhone, as well as on tablets and phones running Android, so the wait is long.


If you notice a mistake – select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.


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