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Review Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 4.7 (6039Y): Multimedia android-smartphone with great features –

The / device
Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3

Operating System
Android 5.0.2

Body Materials

4.7 “, IPS, 1280 x 720, 312 ppi

Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410,
4 cores, 1.2 GHz

The video
Adreno 306

1.5 GB

Integrated Drive
8/16 GB

Card slot
Yes (up to 128 GB) in a version with a SIM -map

Interfaces, communication and data
USB 2.0, Wi-Fi (b / g / n), Bluetooth 4.0,
(A) GPS / GLONASS, 2G, 3G, 4G, NFC, FM-radio

Slots SIM
1 Micro-SIM (there is a version Dual SIM)

13.0 megapixel main c autofocus and flash, 5.0 megapixel front

2000 mAh

Sensors and Sensors
Accelerometer, gyro, light, proximity

134.6 x 65.9 x 7.5 mm

110 g.

~ 14 000 rubles.

This is a typical representative of the modern middle class. On the one hand, smart not particularly deprived, and the other characteristics can not be called impressive. The screen is not very high resolution, although a diagonal screen it should be enough. A bit stingy on the memory and battery capacity, but with communications capabilities all in perfect order. Again, the manufacturer forces us to choose in favor of two SIM-cards or memory card slot, which is not very good.

When it comes to smartphone versions with screens 5.5 inches (6045Y), then in addition to the size it has other significant differences from our subject. This model is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 615, 2 GB of RAM, 8-megapixel front camera and a third more capacious battery. Smartphone 31 grams heavier and 0.1 mm thinner than its compact counterpart. Also Idol 3 5.5 has a larger volume non-volatile memory: in the version with a SIM-card to 16 GB, and the version with two SIM-cards of 32 GB. In terms of design models 4.7 and 5.5 are identical. This large unit will be sold in Russia for the price of about 20 thousand rubles.

All right, it’s time to move on to the packaging and appearance of smaller Idol 3.

Packaging equipment Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 (6039Y)

Smartphone entered the test without packing and packaging. But judging by the available data, the box will look like this. The 5.5-inch model, the box should be a different shape.

450x334 156 KB

On the surface of the package applied company logo, picture and basic information about the device. The unit is in the tray just below the lid of the box.

Under the smartphone must have the following package:

  • cable USB;

  • Battery charger 5.0 V, 1.0 A;

  • Earphone Headset JBL;

  • The key to eject SIM / Micro SD;

  • Documentation.

The quality of all components of the supply should be good.

450x262 132 KB

Headphones included are vacuum. They look like metal and quite expensive. Cables are flat. The manufacturer sets the company JBL. On the wire is placed remote control with microphone. Headphones branded specifically for Alcatel. These headphones we’ve seen in the review of the Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2 .

350x273 59 KB. Big one: 1000x780 244 KB

The appearance and design of Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 (6039Y )

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 is made in the case of non-separable plastic. All front panel holds the glass under which there is a screen. A protective film on the screen is not.

450x353 72 KB. Big one: 1500x1176 490 KB

The rear part is completely covered by the plastic panel. The surface of the back of the rough, simulating brushed metal and almost does not collect fingerprints. The ends are made of the same material as the back panel. And at the edges are framed with shiny accents, painted under the metal. The manufacturer describes the body of the smartphone as follows: “the effect of the diamond processing faces, polished back surface and glossy black screen.”

In terms of appearance to the smartphone really have no complaints. Yes, everything is made of plastic, but done subtly and tastefully. To speak of complete similarity with other specific models do not have the smartphone has quite a unique and stylish look. His elegance emphasize not only small, but also the “handwritten” logo on the package.

450x348 81 KB. Big one: 1500x1160 590 KB

The body has a thickness of 7.5 millimeters. The majority of the faces are smoothed, keep the device more user-friendly ergonomics and everything is in order. Now it is not so often seen standing in the smartphone with a diagonal of at least five inches and the compact body fits the hand particularly well.

As one of the key features Alcatel Idol 3 distinguish it symmetrical design. That is regardless of whether you hold the smartphone usual or “upside down”, the functionality remains the same. You can speak normally and to use interface. This is achieved by locating the same speakers at the bottom and top of the front panel, as well as the possibility of rotating the display 180 degrees. The Alcatel said it was “the world’s first 100% reversible smartphone.”

450x353 110 KB. Big one: 1500x1176 776 KB

The height of the device is 134.6 millimeters and a width of 65.9 mm . Frames on the sides of the display are quite narrow, and the bottom and top left the place more. According to official data the mass of the device is 110 grams (weighing confirmed this option). Smartphone weight felt light enough for its size.

234x450 115 KB. Big one: 780x1500 799 KB  234x450 96 KB. Big one: 780x1500 703 KB

All the hardware buttons and connectors are located at the ends.

350x262 94 KB. Big one: 1000x748 429 KB

So OneTouch Idol 3 looks in gold, silver and dark gray colors.

450x285 90 KB

Above the screen is the front camera, Elementary / main speaker, LED, light sensor and proximity. The speaker is covered with fine perforation, it is a medium-sized slot, but is not located in the most convenient place for the ear.

450x388 88 KB. Big one: 1500x1293 634 KB

Event LED / charge of medium size, quite bright and clear. Its nice to be seen in bright light and angles. He glows white when charging and flashes white same color every two seconds when the missed events.

350x313 79 KB. Big one: 1000x893 364 KB

Under the screen is not aligned with any touch button. They are in this case the onscreen. Under this empty area symmetrical top is another Elementary / primary speaker.

450x425 106 KB. Big one: 1500x1415 739 KB

The main camera is on the top left of the rear panel. The camera module does not protrude above the surface. It will not be scratched, and the smartphone will be on the table exactly. Next available LED flash.

450x380 111 KB. Big one: 1500x1266 774 KB

At the bottom of the rear panel contains the logo and technical writing .

450x436 132 KB. Big one: 1500x1452 925 KB

3.5 mm jack for headphones and Elementary / additional (noise reduction) microphone placed at the upper end.

450x70 39 KB. Big one: 1500x234 208 KB

Below is another Elementary / Secondary (Noise Reduction) Microphone connector and USB.

450x71 38 KB. Big one: 1500x238 214 KB

The right side contains a dual volume control.

450x39 28 KB. Big one: 1500x129 145 KB

On the left side are located the power button, a slot for SIM -card and memory card.

450x43 28 KB. Big one: 1500x143 146 KB

Micro SIM-card and Micro SD card is placed in the one tray.

450x343 80 KB. Big one: 1500x1142 547 KB
 350x156 36 KB. Big one: 1000x446 150 KB

The quality of body parts and their treatment good for the smartphone average. It is noticeable that over time can appear on the faces of the small chips, but all within the inevitable wear and tear. Assembled body good at twisting and pressing crunches and squeaks minimum. Fit details accurate and dense enough. Clearances are the same everywhere.

The buttons are of sufficient size are pressed with a palpable and audible click. Jobs felt the vibration motor secondary. Sensors and sensors do not give failures. With the active use of the body is hot, but comfortable for the perception within.

For the smartphone will be available accessories.

338x450 121 KB

Such as Aero book cover or transparent cover.

312x450 130 KB

Externally, the smartphone looks stylish and elegant. In the hands of OneTouch Idol 3 is seen as a fairly high-quality compact unit.


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