Friday, June 19, 2015

Five major shortcomings Android 5 Lollipop –

It is easy to criticize something. And even easier to blame something that really deserves. And the fifth Android proud and contemptuous nickname “vedroid” Now is no longer even with honor. But, however, who are not without sin? ..

The drawback first: brake!

Voracity Google OS has truly legendary. And indeed: the more powerful smartphones are, the more gluttonous each new version of Android. And why? Because of the improvements and “beautiful” developers for some reason all can not fix the main problem of Android: mindless devouring memory, inability to unload unused and spurious applications and slow down in general as a consequence.

Remember: it was once even half a gigabyte of RAM is more than enough, today the trend in 3GB, and we’re not even talking about heaped game – three gigabytes “frame” is considered good form, because “this He wants the OS. ” But not much she wants to?

« Five ‘sets itself 2GB of RAM as the minimum norm. This is evident even from the fact that on devices with 1-1.5 gigs begin godless lags and brakes. Work, that is, it is impossible at all. And KitKat (4.4) was no longer going smoothly, but at least you could quite easily take care of business.

The conclusion is that if you have a device over two years and offers to install Android 5.x – politely send him to hell with such requests. Although it will be difficult – for example, on the tablet Nexus 2013 year reflects the author has unsuccessfully attacks “five” because putting her and talked with her for some time, the author was horrified, mentioned a mother and demolished all at zero.

In fact, the lack of long promised to fix in Android 5.1.1. However, we were promised this before, we do promise in recent years, and by the way, were going to roll 5.1.1 in the spring … and where is it?

Not to mention the rapid discharge of the battery, which can also be attributed to the “voracity».

The lack of two: interface

No one would argue with the assertion that the interface should be easy to use and friendly. Therefore, for example, Apple is changing its interface slightly from version to version (and we are talking about how “adult” Macs and iPhones about loved by many). Microsoft also once tried to move away from the beloved “Start” button from your desktop – but it is all invented 20 years ago, is still alive and being rejected, back under the yoke of discontent users. Even when Microsoft tried to impose on all “tiled” interface, the web immediately multiplied the program returns the old “Start” button. Microsoft thought a bit resigned, pretended to be returned “Start” in Windows 8.1, but in fact it was “Potemkin village” and programs like Classic Shell is still held in high esteem because it is returned to the old interface. Because it is convenient!


All of this is not true for Android. From version to version (if you take majeure – 2, 3, 4, 5) tell the developers tried to improve The default interface, although it is in fact very few people needed, as “major producers” have developed their own shell smartphones (for example, Samsung or LG). But Google is not appeased. And if the interface “four” all have become accustomed to, although at first criticized the absence of buttons (and are still very many manufacturers of gadgets left touch-sensitive buttons on the case, ignoring the carrots Google), then in the top five new follies appeared even more. Yes, and “belёsost and blue” the new interface does not tell users that they should come to taste. But the mishmash in the notification list – it’s just awful.


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