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Select a voice assistant for android-devices: Google Now, Darling assistant and assistant ( –





In recent years, AI is becoming more intelligent and skilful, all industries are developing and what once seemed a miracle – is now commonplace. Remember how they used to say about robots that will soon replace humans? Yes, this period is not far off.

But this review will be devoted to software that will turn your mobile device into a virtual assistant, yet peaceful.

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We have traditionally considered by the three applications, each of which is unique.

For example, Google Now is the most widely used application that focuses on Internet services. The assistant will be the darling of our unquestioning assistant, she unquestioningly perform any task. A “Assistant» ( allows you to create your virtual assistant and to communicate with him in reality, asking him interesting facts and stories Even the grass.

Google Now


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The phrase “Okay, Google» perceived by most users, if not with a laugh, then certainly with a smile on his face. Comical watch as an adult “play” with the voice assistant, otherwise difficult to say. If before Google Now was the most common search engine with voice input, the application now has become much more functional and it can rightly be called the voice assistant.

But can Google Now compete with other applications and what are its advantages?

Review of the application


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It is noteworthy that Google Now already installed on all android-devices whose version starts at 4.1 Jelly Bean. Of course, that newer versions of Android voice assistant knows how much more, but let this fact and tell you about an assistant in general. Do not forget about application updates, as its development is not in place. To activate Google Now you need to find and launch the appropriate application, or hold down the “house”. Depending on the firmware button start assistant can vary, for example, on firmware Miui it must be assigned manually. Well, and the third option start – the notorious phrase “Okay Google», although at first it is necessary to adjust.

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Let’s say that we launched Google Now. Now he is waiting for our team, here, so – at once. Ask can be many things, but especially interesting enough. The assistant can tell and show the weather forecast display our location, get directions, call, write an SMS-message, create notes and reminders, set the alarm, open the application, perform mathematical operations, to search for information, and more.

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This is only on request “create a note,” we opened a dialog box where you need to enter a note. Of course, it is possible to enter and voice, using voice input on the keyboard … But why not ask about it here, as it does an assistant darling. With reports of the same situation. To send Google Now ask, but the text of the message you must enter by yourself. Press “send” also need to press manually, voice can not. If we say, “turn off the Wi-Fi», then we just open the network settings. Sheer frustration …

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Now consider the more interesting features. Google Now, in part, is an analogue of the application Shazam and SoundHound. If the request is melodious in the lower right corner there is a window with a note by clicking on a music search engine is started. Up to 15 seconds of the listening, and then displays the music, its author and the album, of course, if the composition has been detected. We can go to the store Google Play and more familiar with the track. The musical base is not extensive, but it is fixable, but with the recognition of a problem. One and the same track for the second time the program can not “learn”, tested on several mobile devices.

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Do not forget about other services from Google, for example, the same translator. You can say a command “cat in English” and Google Now we utter the magic word in a foreign language. Accordingly, so you can translate even whole sentences in almost any language.

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In fact, similar functions and options for a lot of requests. The most popular of these, such as the weather, routes, events, bookmarks and other, will be displayed on the main screen of search engine-assistant. Panels such data are called cards, a lot of them and creates their search giant.

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But now for the search function. If we need something, then we say, “Okay Google» and say that you need to find. Then we open the search panel requests. If we want to narrow down the answer, then add words like “image”, “video”, and so on. This can be done by hand, at the bottom of the screen there is a special panel.

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By the way, to quickly view the most cards widget there.



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In the settings of Google Now there is nothing unusual, but look there is.

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In the parameters of the voice search engine, we can adjust the recognition of the phrase “Okay Google». To create a voice should be 3 times to say a treasured phrase. After that, the phrase “Okay Google» will start assistant. Also, we will be able to include voice recognition of all applications, not just from the menu.

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You can also download a language pack on our smartphone, so that he can recognize it offline. But offline Google Now work begins … By the way, the Russian language sounded very pleasant female voice, and its size is about 15 MB.

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We can also turn off safe search and censorship. This is the case, if we look for something erotic and obscene nature. If this option is enabled, all corresponding words Google Now will be ignored.

In addition, there are a variety of settings related to the headset and search in general.



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Google Now works quite well, but there are problems and failures. The program may hang, “fly” and slow down, moreover, because it can “slow down” and the gadget itself. All because of excessive engorgement applications – consumption of about 200 MB’s of RAM. That’s a lot! For those who do not know, even though it is a system application, but it can be forced to disable. This is done in the settings.

The quality of the voices in Google Now is quite acceptable, used a speech synthesizer from Google. Actually, it will be the same in other applications using the voice synthesizer.



Google Now still more search program that has the functions of an assistant. Yes, it can make calls, write SMS-messages, open applications, surf the Internet and much more. But other assistants much “smarter” and more perfect.

For example, we need to write an SMS-message or note, we say it, but its content, we have to fill out by hand. This is not innovation! For the same Darling asks us to note the contents of …

Google Now, indeed, the search “machine” with enhanced functionality and voice input. It is not only free, but is already present on your device (if you have installed Gapps), so you can try it in practice.

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Скачать Google Now
from Google Play

Developer Google Inc.
Cost Free.
Requirements For OC Android 4.1 and later.


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