Thursday, June 4, 2015

Competitor CarPlay and Android Auto from Ford will be in cars Toyota – 3DNews

In early 2013, Ford announced its readiness to provide access to software developers and automakers to the vehicle interface AppLink. Then it seemed that the US auto giant competitors hardly take advantage of its development, but Toyota decided otherwise, albeit two years late.

On Wednesday, June 3, Toyota representation in the media disseminated a message, which implies that the company It is considering the possibility of cooperation with Ford in the integration of mobile applications with new cars. We are talking about using the technology SmartDeviceLink (version AppLink open source).

AppLink and SmartDeviceLink provide developers of mobile software platform for interactive smart drivers and passengers with automotive electronics. These solutions telephone functions (navigation, voice calls, music playback, and so on) can be controlled by the infotainment system inside the machine or voice commands. This functionality offers interfaces Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but they are limited to the support tubes based on Android and iOS, respectively.

AppLink compatible with both mobile platforms, but the product for Ford, installed in more than 5 million cars around world, created few applications. The American company believe that SmartDeviceLink not compete with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but complements them.


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