Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nintendo has denied the rumors about the choice of Android as OC for the new consoles – Lenta.ru

The company Nintendo announced that it developed game console codenamed NX will not use Android as the operating system, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Clarification required in connection with the publication of the Japanese edition of the Nikkei. Citing an unnamed source in the company, the site reported that, contrary to the traditions of Nintendo decided not to develop its own operating system to NX, and to build on Android. According to the explanation given in the material, as the company responded to the reduction in the number of independent studios, ready to provide the actual home games console Nintendo – Wii U. Android considered a platform that will attract a wide range of game designers.

NX was announced in March 2015. General Director of Nintendo Satoru Iwata said that consoles invented a completely new concept and said that additional information about the device will be in 2016. Early announcement needed to demonstrate that Nintendo is still interested in the creation of specialized gaming devices.

In the current generation of consoles Nintendo offers a two-screen handheld Nintendo 3DS (recently appeared on the market an updated version of its New 3DS) and homepage Wii U, the controller is equipped with a touch screen.

As of January 2015, total sales of Wii U in the world account for 9 million units. It lags behind the results of the competition: in PS4 – 18,5 million sold copies, while the Xbox One rough estimate – about 11 million. This Wii U went on sale in Europe and the United States about a year ahead of consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

In the case of Nintendo 3DS total sales of different versions of the platform amounted to 50.4 million units as of December 31, 2014 year. Her rival handheld console PlayStation Vita, global sales – 10 million copies.


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