Friday, June 19, 2015

Android-Trojan downloads malicious applications disguised as incoming messages – Ferra

The specialists of “Doctor Web” found another mobile Trojan that demonstrates various promotional notices leading to downloading unwanted and malicious software. This program is interesting in that it displayed messages mimic the flow of SMS and email-correspondence, resulting in the potential victims are more likely to pay attention to them and will bring fraudsters to profit by setting a particular dangerous applications.

A malicious program which received the name Android.DownLoader.157.origin, apply to dedicated mobile application site, and at the request of its creators is the kind of phone assistant, demonstrating in-call screen country, region interlocutor, as well as the name gives him telecommunications services operator. The app does have the stated functionality, but some time after its launch in the dashboard of the mobile device are starting to appear suddenly notices resembling system alerts you of incoming SMS or e-mail.

Once the user clicks on one of these «SMS», the Trojan downloads from a remote server specified by cybercriminals apk-file and re-locates in the notifications area of ​​the corresponding notice in the press that starts the installation process previously downloaded applications. Most of the software distributed in this way is different Trojans, including – Trojan downloaders, backdoors and other dangerous software.


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