Saturday, September 17, 2016

SwiftKey released neurogliaform for Android News.Hi-tech – Вести.Ru

the Company SwiftKey, which since February owned by Microsoft, has released a new version of “smart keyboard for Android devices. The program was redesigned from the ground up: now it uses neural networks to predict and correct text input (so far only for English).

Previously, SwiftKey Keyboard has relied on the method of N-grams for natural language processing: keyboard output often used phrase, the first based on an editable dictionary, and made predictions based on the last two words typed in by a user.

SwiftKey with “artificial intelligence” will be able more precisely to Supplement the text, because now she is able to compare words and understand the relationship between them. In addition, trained “millions of offers” the program can finish my sentences with the words that before she had never met.

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SwiftKey supports more than 60 languages, including Russian, English, French, Italian, Ukrainian, etc. For Russian language is supported as a function of Flow, which allows you to print out, gliding his fingers over the buttons and Flow Through Space to quickly insert a space between words.

Source: SwiftKey Keyboard (Google Play)


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