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Select the app to search for points of free Wi-Fi for android-devices: Wi-Fi Map and Osmino Wi-Fi, as well as the results of consideration of applications 6 –





Laboratory site continues to explore the segment of software for the wireless Internet search on the streets, and this time we will look at two interesting and popular applications: Wi-Fi Map and Osmino Wi-Fi.

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The first tool contains a huge database of Wi-Fi, as well as reviews, comments about them, and even a kind of game. The second program is also interesting for its information base and set of features. Next we will have a comparison functions absentee each program and summarize the results of all tested utilities.

Before reading this review, I recommend the readers to get acquainted with previous material for selection application to search the free Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, this cycle includes not all programs. We have selected six of the most interesting and unusual utilities that have received Russian support for popular cities and occupy relevant positions in the ranking of Google Play web store.

As the test equipment used smartphones Xiaomi Redmi Note (Miui V8 on OC Android 4.4.2, the Dalvik runtime, processor MediaTek MT6592, 8 x 1700 MHz videosoprotsessor Mali-450 MP4, 700 MHz, 2 GB RAM) and Jinga Basco M500 3G (OC Android 5.1, runtime ART, processor MediaTek MT6580, 4 x 1300 MHz, videosoprotsessor Mali-400 MP2, 1 GB of RAM), and the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (CM 13 based OC Android 6.0.1, the runtime ART, TI OMAP 4430 processor, 2 x 1200 MHz, PowerVR videosoprotsessor 540, 384 MHz, 1 GB of RAM).

WiFi Map


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A lot of free points of Wi-Fi with guest reviews and photos, offline mode and elementary option – it is still necessary to the utility, which helps you find free wireless internet? Probably the best WiFi Map app for android-devices and not think.

Application Features Wi-Fi Map:

  • Comfortable and beautiful app;

  • Information on free Wi-Fi throughout the world;

  • You can add your own Wi-Fi hotspots and edit passwords;

  • Smart search for cafes, hotels, cities and countries;

  • Navigate the map;

  • Find the nearest point of Wi-Fi;

  • The definition of current location;

  • Wi-Fi hotspots will be available, even if the card is not loaded, and no internet.

Getting Started


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When you first start the WiFi Map performed initial introduction to the application and its ideas. It turns out that WiFi Map – a “social network where users share Wi-Fi passwords for public places.” To be specified the number of cities and points, as well as other statistical information.

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Menu WiFi Map tantamount divided into four sections: “Map”, “Statistics”, “Lists Wi-Fi in offline” and “Settings.” Each of these sections will be discussed in isolation. By the way, from design elements very pleasant, soft colors used in the Material Design style.

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The first menu that displays a map, is the card itself coated with a point and a sliding panel with nearby points of Wi-Fi. Of course, our location will be displayed on the map. Choosing a point on the map or through the list of connections, then offer more information as the network name, the type of access point, its creator, password, date of inclusion in the database, photos and reviews. All this will allow you to determine the relevance of the access point.

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Interestingly, if this Wi-Fi will not appear suddenly, it would be a different password or be allowed any errors, you can fix it all. I tested this feature in the work. For example, if we correct password, then it will soon be changed for all users, but if you let the lack of this access point, you will need to wait three or four similar complaints from other users.

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WiFi Map – it’s not just the application to search for Wi-Fi, it is a whole social network with user ratings. For each connection to the Internet through applications for each point added, download a map, and other activities, we will earn points, and have them be corrected our position in the league table.

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Something like that we have seen in Wiman application, but the developers of the program went ahead and made the competition between the countries. In real time we see the competition on the number of free points in a number of socially active countries, of course, there are also Russian. Very interesting stuff.

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WiFi Map no worse than their competitors so it is a stand-alone mode of operation, for which we also need to pre-download all the information about the points in a particular city. Cache size of an average city in the 400-700 thousand residents is between 10 and up to 25 MB. It’s not small, but quite justified, since the application a lot of points and the accompanying information.

Unfortunately, there is no application of very small towns – that’s the only drawback, which should be noted.

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Last but not least – our profile. In this section, we can change their key data, enable notifications and share information with friends and on the application. Previously we’ll have to log in under your Google Account, or register a new account.



In the previous review as a test, we took a small Crimean town called Simferopol. Only one application from the previous test had about half a thousand points, but here we know the exact amounts – at the moment it is 2800 points with free Wi-Fi. In practice, it turned out that almost all the terms were actually working, most likely due to active moderation. The real advantage of Wi-Fi Map over competitors.

application version

The size distribution
16 MB

Application Size Installed
34 MB

RAM consumption
45-60 MB

Wi-Fi Map demonstrates excellent performance, uses minimal hardware resources, but I have a program has caused one asked why she OC Android 4.1? After a number of devices operating at OC Android 4.0 and they also want to use this cool program. What is the innovation of the 4.1 uses the program? On this question, I have not found an answer.


Wi-Fi Map – one of the best programs to search for free and paid Wi-Fi via android-device. It includes a huge base of wireless internet points, actively updated by users, and offers a variety of associated information, such as pictures of places, comments, and even passwords to paid Wi-Fi.

The application is absolutely free *, contains no advertising and works great on any device to date. Here is the leader of this segment of the application!

534x300 76 KB Big one:. 1241x698 368 KB

* Appendix Wi-Fi Map for android-devices free of charge, although stated on the official website, it costs $ 4.99. Perhaps this refers exclusively to the iOS version of the program, as in the iTunes and have paid and free versions of the utility.


 245x245  32 KB

Skachat Wi-Fi Map
for android-devices
from Google Play


Developer WiFi Map LLC.
Cost FREE.
To OC Android 4.1 and later.

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