Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Google search on the Android now finds the information hidden inside applications – ITbukva (press release)

Google Search in Android now  finds the information hidden inside the  application Google first created a centralized place to search on the Internet, and now has the same point to search for your Android-based phone. The company has just announced that a new feature for Google Apps called In Apps. As the name suggests, In Apps lets you search for content within the Android application, such as a particular song, contact or note in the Google Keep, reports

To begin with, the new feature will only work with a certain number of applications including Gmail, Spotify and YouTube. In the coming months Google plans to add Evernote, Facebook Messenger, Glide, Google Keep, LinkedIn and Todoist.

All searches occur on the device itself, rather than Google’s servers, which means that you do not need an Internet connection to use this feature. It is not clear how often the app will record your content or as required battery capacity or the phone to visit the page.

with that, anyone can get In Apps on modern Android-phone with the latest version of Google Apps, the company also emphasizes the presence of the new features on the phones. In the upcoming smartphone LG V20 will introduce In Apps for special shortcut on your home screen. A new feature of Google will also work on the pre-installed apps on this LG phone.

while your phone is a search In Apps, the company probably gets some information on the new features. By studying these search terms, Google can better understand that, as a rule, people are looking for on their phones, and then use this data to improve Google Now or adapt applications for users. However, this is only a guess.

Despite this, Google services now even more important for Android, since it is possible to find everything from online content to the recipe fried chicken from her mother.

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