Sunday, September 18, 2016

How to speed up Android smartphone – InternetUA

How to speed up Android  smartphones

the Speed of some smartphones, a platform which is Android, eventually begins to fall heavily. In the first category, naturally fall models that are specific to the budget price segment. Of course, there are certain tricks that can help you a little to accelerate operation of the device and to postpone the purchase of the new gadget.

In the first place is to understand why inhibition occurs during work with Android smartphones. Each update is becoming more and more demanding, because not every cheap phone can, by its own internal resources to cope with the loads exerted on it. Even after applications are disabled, they still continue to run in the background and sent to Google Play, where checks for updates.

Matching problems can be solved if you install it on your device so healthy and “light” utilities like Cool Tool, Greenify, and Android Assistant. The first shows how popular the currently loaded processor and RAM. Android Assistant will help to determine which of the activated applications load the memory more than the others. Deallocation of memory is also extremely important procedure which should be performed regularly. This is the perfect Greenify. C you can use the utility to perform automatic unloading of the RAM of the smartphone.



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