Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In “Arcadia Parovozov” played over a million users Android – Вести.Ru

In developing the children’s game “Arkady Locomotives” played over a million Android users. It was the first project of “Interactive Cartoon”, released on the eponymous animated series on the channel “MULTI”.

Arkady Locomotives always willing to help, and he can be trusted with the education of your child. The game contains exercises for children on logic and attention, exercises for memory training, and interactive tasks that will help the child to explore the world.

Different levels of difficulty which parents can choose depending on the age of your children, the clues by which it is impossible to lose, minimize a stress of the child and help him to develop in a comfortable environment.

“Interactive Cartoon”, which in addition to the “Arcadia Parovozov” well-known children’s educational games “Paper”, “mi-Mi-bears”, “the Words” mobile app “Cartoon”, one of the five largest publishers of children’s apps in Russia and the CIS.

September 23, 2016 was released another game “Magic Lantern” that allows you to immerse in the eponymous animated series and become a full participant in fairy tales.

never before has a cartoon been so alive! Your little one will feel like a hero of fairy-tales, freely interacting with fairy tale characters in each fragment.

the Idea of “Interactive Cartoon” is the creation of an interactive complement to your favorite cartoons on TV channel “MULT”, where you can interact in the form of a game with all their favorite characters. In it the child is transferred to an interactive continuation of the story. Playing the selected character, he can create a story on your taste.

because of maximum simplicity in control and full of interactivity, the game becomes a little virtual world where children realize their attraction to exploration and adventure. Also they have a lot of mini-games that will help your child to test their skills and learn new in an easy, entertaining form.


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