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News Android, Issue # 81 – Androidinsider (press release) (blog)


We offer you the eighty-first edition our weekly “News Android». In this issue we talk about the OnePlus 3, rebranding Nexus, channel Telegram and much more! Here with the same news you can find in the traditional text format, if you prefer.

Qualcomm denied the information about the incompatibility of smartphones based on Snapdragon 800/801 with Android Nougat


Information about the incompatibility of processors Snapdragon 800/801 and Android 7.0 Nougat, which caused a great resonance in the network, turned out to be false. Proper retraction appeared on the official website of Qualcomm. According to published information, the responsibility for updating the devices is depending on the “stone” lies entirely on their manufacturers. In other words, no external impediments to installing update, be sure the company does not exist.

«Corporation Qualcomm Technologies works closely with a number of OEM-manufacturers to introduce and support a variety of OS versions Android [devices] on the basis of our chipsets – Qualcomm representative said in response to the allegations in the artificial limitation of the update functionality. – The duration of the support given processor and its compatibility with updates limited to only the life cycle of the chipset. For more information about support for your device Android 7.0 Nougat strongly recommend that you apply directly to the manufacturer ».

It is very ambiguous answer, which at the same time does not guarantee that all devices are built on the basis of processors 2013-2014 model years, will be updated to Android Nougat. At the same time, contrary to popular opinion, nor Qualcomm’s, and not even Google does not create obstacles to long-term support by a particular device. In other words, the responsibility for the output software update is always on producing “iron”, which, apparently, decided that the Snapdragon 800/801 hardly cope with the specific needs Nougat.

Price of new smartphone Nexus-upset fans of Google


The network now and then leaks information about the new Nexus-smartphones are scheduled to be presented in October this year. Working devices will be based on Android 7.1, with which, perhaps, the Google brings in the possibility of a wide tuning the navigation pane, as we wrote earlier. There are already devices and features. The basis of the question that every now and then asking the Google fans, for the price. On it today and we will try to answer.

According to sources from HTC, the new Nexus-smartphones are already significantly more expensive on the market. Nexus Sailfish will cost $ 499 for the version with 32 GB of internal memory, Nexus Marlin, is likely to be priced at $ 599 and for the version with 32 GB of ROM.

How much cost Nexus’y past generations? Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S are not cost so cheap. For example, for the Galaxy Nexus at the time asked for 649 euros in Europe, quite significantly, but it is necessary to understand that there were not competitors with a price below $ 300 and flagship properties, it is about Xiaomi Mi One, which at the time Galaxy Nexus only began to exist

 Nexus 5X

In the case of the Nexus 4, Google revised its pricing policy, and it is possible that this influenced the enormous success of smartphones Xiaomi Mi-line. Nexus 4 comes with 8 GB of internal memory offered for 299 dollars price, the version with 16 GB of ROM cost a little more expensive – $ 349

Nexus 5 with 16 GB of internal memory is also estimated at $ 349 at the start of sales, however. next year the company introduced the Nexus 6, and if the production and development of Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 engaged in the LG, Nexus 6 was assigned to develop the company Motorola.

The device turned out really premium, but at the same time selling smartphone is not met the American giant after strong demand for cheaper Nexus 5, and Nexus 6, by the way, has been evaluated in 649 dollars for the version with 32 GB of ROM.

in the case of the Nexus 5X and 6P company revised the pricing policy (Nexus 5X 32 GB – $ 429, the Nexus 6P 32GB – $ 499), in connection with the devices is still attractive, and Nexus 5X at all can be found for 15-20 thousand rubles

Thus, the price increased. essentially: 5X in the case of a $ 70, 6P in case of 100 dollars, and Marlin and Sailfish, as is known, these devices would be a continuation. For example, earlier in the network appeared rumors that the Sailfish is made of plastic with glass insert, while Marlin body is metal, but also with a glass inset on the back of the case.

In addition to prices, the network has renders Nexus Sailfish:

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In Russia started official sales OnePlus 3

 OnePlus 3

Known for his ambitious Chinese startup OnePlus has decided to finally gain a foothold in the Russian market. A great move by the company to meet the domestic consumers served smartphone sales launched OnePlus 3. The exclusive supply contract “flagship killer” has received the company Marvel-Distribution, which in July signed a similar contract on the implementation of OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X.

Buy novelty now in Ozon online store approved by the Russian market a suggested retail price of 33 990 rubles. It is expected that it will soon begin selling smartphone in several retail networks, which will include the DNS, Tehpoint and others. At the same time the exact timing of the appearance of OnePlus 3 on the shelves of local offline stores have not been disclosed.

The flagship OnePlus 3 was recognized as the most productive mobile device, existing commercially available at the moment. The smartphone is equipped with 4-core Snapdragon processor 820 and 6 GB of RAM, which, however, did not stop to establish itself as the most imperfect gadget. During his short life OnePlus 3 encountered problems in performance, autonomy and activate a wide range of staff functions.

Is the era of Nexus will end this year? Chance of brand new Google smart phones


this year, Google Android-phones can not come out under the name «Nexus». The users will not be easy to get used to the fact that the name that is used for six years, Google smartphone, rooted in the past. Although the name of the Network «Nexus» is widely used for those devices, which are prepared by HTC, instead of the usual name of Google may use other brand. However, how will be called the new phones, currently there are no assumptions.

It is reported by the resource Android Central with the reference to “a few people close to Google’s plans ».

If this rebranding comes true, it will be the” end of the era of the Nexus », which was launched Nexus One in December 2009 and lasted until 2015, when they were presented Nexus 6P and 5X.

for long, by the standards of the smartphone industry, the Nexus history, the Google released them via Samsung, LG, HTC and Huawei. And on smartphones and tablets was set at the most recent software. As reported, the rear and the front of the new smartphones will be placed «Google» brand. HTC brand on them at all is missing. In this case there is no additional information about what brand will be used instead of the Nexus.

It is expected that over the pure Android in this year’s Google smartphones will be installed additional software. It will be significantly different from the user’s perspective, the new models of phones the Nexus, to see the light in the previous years.

This is not surprising, since Google and before starting with Nexus S 4G, add additional applications, services and function, which is a departure from the original presentation to the user on how a «Nexus».

confidence that the name «Nexus» finally be in the past, no. These may include the fact that Google’s approach with regard to its Android-based phone is changed. And change is not only a name, but also a set of software and the impressions that users receive from the operation of devices.

This is consistent with remarks from the head of Google Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) at the June Conference Code Conference, which He noted that the company could be “more confident with regard to design phones».

it should be noted that we are talking about the alleged plans for Google smartphones. On what plans does the company in respect of Android-plates, nothing is known. It is also reported that Google may present later this year, two models of smart watches running Android Wear

Meet:.! official channel Telegram

 & # x41F; & # x440;  & # x438; & # x43B; & # x43E;  & # x436; & # x435; & # x43D;  & # x438; & # x435; Telegram

Today, we are pleased to announce the official launch of the channel in Telegram and hope that you will appreciate this innovation, because first of all we want to make it easier to read and find the news for our readers.

Why Telegram channel, if there is a web version and app, you ask? First becomes more accessible to users Apple-devices – we are often asked to release the app for iOS, and in fact now it is in front of you

Telegram  Telegram

in addition, it is an excellent solution for those who, for one reason or another disabled notification application, but wants to be up to date with the latest news. In the tape reader available header and main picture, so you quickly decided, is to click on the link or not

And, of course, is a gift for those who save traffic:. Feed in the Telegram contains unnecessary data, and does not consume a lot of bandwidth.

We invite you to join the official channel in Telegram, which is located at this link. We promise that there will be a green robot no less than on the website.


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