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What’s new in Android 7.0 Nougat: all of the notifications to multiscreen mode – Ferra

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numbering Way Android versions are inscrutable – after options 1.5 and 1.6 followed Android 2.0 We do, for them -. 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 took place “a system-myth» Android 3.0, which received half plate Golden age of stability came only in versions 4.0-4.4 times as well. then Google again shoveled design and “tighten the screws” in relation to the rights of access software – part of the curves or arrogant applications suffered revolutionary Android 5.0 was too greedy and slow on older smartphones, so it is “finalized a file” to version 5.1

<.. p> & # x418; & # x441; & #  x442; & # x43E ; & # x440; & #  x438; & # x44F; & # X432; & # x435;  & # x440; & # x441; & # x438;  & # x439; Android
Version History Android

Even with 5.0 Lollipop Android« ustakanilsya “in its present form and began to receive less visible improvements with new versions. Few cosmetic changes, separate management “and can be me ..?” on the applications and nearly reduced gluttony – that’s all serious revision in the sixth Androide Yes, even a little bit of idiocy in the form of permanent alterations volume indicator and a ban on the microSD recording Do not think that Android worsened in.. new releases – a change in the 6.0 upon pulling on version 5.4 or higher

But with the new “nougat» (Ferrero, makers of Nutella, do not seem to have agreed to mutually beneficial, as it was with Nestle and KitKat. ) and version 7.0, the situation is complicated – there are changes, but they are carefully are hidden from the ordinary user’s eyes So innovation

Notifications and Quick settings

The most visual change to the new system now… swipe with the top mobile network switches, display orientation, navigation and other stuff available in the form of a tape with icons, without explanatory labels. That’s right, because the “sheet” on half of the screen in the older versions had less convenient

. <-! ________________________AdFox Asynchronous code START (INREAD) __________________________ -> <-! _________________________AdFox Asynchronous code END___________________________ - ->

And yet by pressing the switch falls a list of functions for which previously had to climb into the settings. That is, a detailed schedule of battery consumption or report on consumed traffic – all this is very convenient. And, finally, you can rearrange the icons in the curtain! For example, to remove the damn screen broadcast a shortcut out of sight.

alert now also become more useful. Instead of “you got two messages, I will not say from whom, until pereydёsh program” is the key to expand all that managed to submit an application. In all kinds of chatik can even respond to notifications directly from the line. It turns out less intrusive than pop-ups, we are satisfied before

With the blocking intrusive notifications in Android before things were not bad, and now -. All wonderful. When notified of the program you like and need, but seems to be no useful function “quiet” app notifications. That is, information appears but no ringtone or vibration. You can configure notifications and priority (say, you’re the first in the expanded form, you have a second, and you do not want to see).

«Do not disturb” mode now works with an eye to the Service. Set the alarm for a few hours before removed the ban on uvedomlyalki – get them with the sound immediately after lifting


Android for a long time can control the font size, and while people with poor eyesight. satisfied with this option. However, the font was increased, while all other elements remain the same – which is why the figures, letters cut the “roof” or something worse. system now allows you to separately adjust the size of the labels, and separately – text. Very comfortable and neatly turned out.

Scale text and elements of the system in Android 7.0 is regulated separately


Over the years, after this function is started “collective farm” in their smartphones Samsung, Google themselves have implemented support for multiple windows in Android. By long pressing the “square” (softkey task list) screen smartphones is divided in half, and the two applications are running in parallel. Not that Android has to this mode of operation, but let it be. Moreover, between the two windows, you can drag and drop files. That is, throw a file from the gallery in Messenger, or YouTube has become easier

In general, the proverbial “box” health improved -. Double click now on Android, you can quickly switch between running applications. Like Alt + Tab in Windows. And if you press the softkey once – find confirmation of how Google «caved” under a user tastes

Multi-mode, and the ability to close the pack of running applications -. Long-requested feature

Throughout the history of Android from Google guys fought back from perturbed buyers of smartphones, which inquired, “where are you closing Delhi key program?”. Explained that the smartphone itself will suspend applications that are lying around in memory and are not claimed, was untenable. So first cleaning tasks have begun to offer third-party manufacturers of smart phones, and now the same as the keys appeared in Android 7.0. And like the course logical (all used to such a logic interface), but it is also proof of the fact that Google’s outreach work has gone down the drain.

Settings become more convenient

The system settings are now included nicely. In principle, they have long been logical, but now under each menu item displays a short “report”. Almost in the style of “navigator devices».

Wi-Fi reports to which you are connected to an access point, a “data transfer” reports about the amount of traffic consumed, the display reports the backlight level, and so on. It looks very much alive. In this case, the top of the menu there Tuning tips for those who want “something to twist” in the smartphone settings, but does not determine what.

The phone itself will tell you that it can be configure, and transitions have become more convenient for the menu

and if you bury deep in the sub-menu, move to another location is not difficult – you can always reveal the contents with the help of three horizontal stripes key. That is, the peck on the button “back” or close and open the settings from scratch is no longer necessary.

Save Internet traffic

Life is getting better and more fun, and after the excess included in the fare gigabytes you remain without the Internet in general (if not a surcharge). Selectively “beat hand” applications that use the background data in the original version of Android was impossible. A roaming and does offer the option “hit or miss” – or turn the data and all the applications are beginning to move at the same time, or are not using 3G / 4G on the go. Now you can disable specific applications to drive traffic, if they work in the background. And you can specify that “this one vayfay – not vayfay, and a mobile phone, from which is distributed online, so no need to upload all the videos in the cloud through»

The Andorid 7 any Wi-Fi. -net can be configured as a limited and limiting the transmission of data for applications

A more pleasant trifle – you can immediately cancel the download apps / games in the curtain notifications. Previously it was necessary for this to climb again on Google Play and spend time / traffic

«change the engine compartment»

Not frilly uniform -. Is in the Android 7.0 and profound systemic changes. Now the game will work “close to the hardware”, that is, do not interact with the video accelerator via OpenGL drivers *, and by Vulkan API **. This is out of my talks interim “manager” and negotiate directly.

* Now support Vulkan boast Exynos 8890 chips and the Snapdragon 820, MediaTek and Hisilicon support the new API is not declared
** all smartphones on the basis of old graphics cards “fly.” For example, your Nexus 5 or Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

Updates swing automatically installed after reboot (not news), but without the damned box “optimization applications: 1 of 100500» (hooray!)

in Google autonomy also promises up to 20% increase in working time by Doze 2.0 technology, the first version of which was lit back in Marshmallow. Now smartphone orient on sensors and figure out in what points it is not required headroom and “deep sleep”, minimizing application activity. Previously this function any smartphone movement in space (are carrying you have it, for example, in a bag) is considered active, and energy savings in this mode did not work.

Yes, it’s all the same “energy optimization” of Android 6.0, only improved. Yes, deep in the system, most likely, we are talking about reducing the CPU frequency and interval between data transmission. But we have something to customers, what business? If only there was a noticeable effect

A report we are not yet on the effect -. Do not test, you know, how long will the smartphone if it is on the table for days. Therefore, it is possible that the situation here is similar to detergents for dishes that are “more thick of” tens of years in a row and still not petrified by this rate hardening.

More applications will be installed faster and news less quickly due the new compiler, which is now no longer performs static analysis, and … well, sure.

We did not ask, but let it be

also not without the gift is not necessary functions. For example, emoji (emoticons are those) with the system became more and now they have a few races, so that no one went away offended. But with zverёm emoji still have problems: I was flipping through a list of small animals – seals there, dogs are, bears, pigs and rabbits – too, and wombats not. God be with them, with wombats – seals do not! Geese, owls and foxes there! It’s time to file a class action lawsuit by abused animals and withdraw the Android 7.0 for revision.

 & # x418; & # x43B; & # x43B;  & # x44E; & # x441; & # x442;  & # x440; & # x430; & # x446;  & # x438; & # x44F; & # x438;  & # x437; & # x434; & # x43E;  & # x43A; & # x43B; & # x430;  & # x434; & # x430; & # x440;  & # x430; & # x437; & # x440;  & # x430; & # x431; & # x43E;  & # x442; & # x447; & # x438;  & # x43A; & # x43E; & # x432;  & # x43E; & # x43F; & # x440;  & # x43E; & # x434; & # x435;  & # x43B; & # x430; & # x43D;  & # x43D; & # x43E; & # x439;  & # x440; & # x430; & # x431;  & # x43E; & # x442; & # x435;
Illustration of the developers of the report on the work done: now the user satisfied with the

 & # x41A; & # x43E; & # x433;  & # x43E; - & # x442; & # x43E;  & # x434; & # x435; ystvitelno g ;  & # x43B; & # x443; & # x431;  & # x43E; & # x43A; & # x43E;  & # x433; & # x43E; & # x43E;  & # x441; & # x43A; & # x43E;  & # x440; & # x431; & # x438;  & # x43B; & # x438; & # x43E;  & # x434; & # x43D; & # x43E;  & # x446; & # x432; & # x435;  & # x442 ; & # x43D; & # x44B;  & # x435; & # x441; & # x43C;  & # x430; & # x439; & # x43B;  & # x438; & # x43A; & # x438 ;?

At the time, a large number of manufacturers have introduced fingerprint scanners, each in their own way. And Google has led the zoo in order much later, when there was support for scanners in the system officially. Roughly the same things with virtual reality – Google has finally realized that by VR in the near future producers do not fall behind, and introduced a common certification of smartphones under the three-dimensional entertainment – to redraw under such tasks Google Play, and modifications in the YouTube app. The thing good, because “self-made” realization even Samsung does not always successful, not to mention other brands.

Today, VR smartphones looks clumsy because of the modest processing power of mobile phones, but the road by walking.

What else?

Yes, almost nothing. Keyboard former, Google Now and glued to the older versions of Android, run applications without downloading – the same chip, which will come even on KitKat. When running the camera, you can double twirl brush and switch to “frontalku” (why ?!), but almost all smartphones will stand “collective farm” interfaces cameras from manufacturers. File-based encryption – also interesting innovation, but it is working, again, depends on the will of the manufacturer. And, of course, fashionable “night mode” with the tone curve but supposedly reduced harm to the eye.

Android 7.0

Successful update

Who would have said whatever and update from 6.0 to 7.0 has turned more solid than 5.1 to 6.0. Because before

changes were estimated more convenient management of rights of users and the increased efficiency and “nougat” and suggests improvements on the part of the performance and optimization of application code, cosmetic and ergonomic refinement. Upgrade to the “sevens” would be more painful than in the old days, because to produce drivers for old Adreno, Mali and PowerVR no hurry. But, if there is a choice to upgrade is definitely worth. As smartphones and wait for Google modern system by the end of 2016.


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