Friday, August 19, 2016

Apteligent report shows that Motorola has the fastest … –

In a confrontation between iOS and Android fans on the side of the first I have always been a strong argument – an update. For all iPhone smartphones are available immediately after the release, if we talk about the supported models. In the case of Android all very different. The appearance of the update for a particular vehicle depends on the manufacturers of smartphones, and often more, and from the operators. As a result, the share of Android 6.0 on the eve of the seventh version has not even reached 15%.


When buying a new smartphone, you can with a certain degree of confidence to predict whether or not have long to wait for the update when it comes out. For example, referring to the statistics.


A new piece of statistical data Apteligent says that on average, receive the very first update Motorola / Moto smartphones. Of course, we are not considering the Nexus devices, because they stand out. Also worth noting is that the statistics is valid for the US market.


So, the graph displays the speed of the transition of a smart phone company’s OS Android 6.0. The leader, as has been said, is Motorola. In second place is LG, and closes the top three HTC. At Sony, Samsung and ZTE case with updates situation worse.


When it comes to the stability of the software, the smallest number of failures was recorded in the Sony devices. But on the whole, except for the ZTE, all manufacturers deal with this situation quite well.


By the way, the report lies one interesting nuance. According to these data, Russia – a market with very strong fragmentation of devices with Android. In second place is the Ukraine

Source:. Apteligent


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