Monday, August 29, 2016

iPhone started to “fail” more than Android –

Android devices has reduced the proportion of problem up to 35%

According to the results of recent months Android shows a more robust operating system than iOS. This is evidenced by results of a study of Blancco Technology Group, which specializes in the diagnosis of mobile gadgets.

According to a study in the II quarter of 2016, 58% of devices running on of iOS, there were operational failures. For Android, the figure was only 35%. This is a major achievement, as in the first quarter of 2016 there were systemic problems by 44% Android-devices.

What models of iPhone and iOS applications are denied more often

65% of all errors in the iOS have been linked to crash applications, another 11% – problems with Wi-Fi-connection, and 4% – with headphones. The least stable applications, often causing failure, were Snapchat (17% of all cases), Instagram (14%), Facebook (9%) and Facebook Messenger (5%).

The most ” buggy »iPhone models according to Blancco

showed himself iPhone 6 (29% of all errors) Among the specific models of smartphones of the least reliable.

Blancco technical experts attribute this to shortcomings 9.3.1 and 9.3.2 updates that were released in April and May 2016, respectively. After their installation users were more likely to complain about the application failure, bad Wi-Fi and fast battery drain.

It is much better to run iPhone 6s (23% of all failures) and iPhone 6s Plus (14%). The Blancco believe that this has contributed to an increase in CPU performance by 70% compared to previous models. Least of all system errors accounted for iPhone 6 Plus (13%) and the iPhone 5s (8%).

The most problematic Android-devices model

Android -Device often “buggy” and stuck due to problems with the camera (10% of all cases) batteries (10%), a touchscreen (7%), a microphone (5%) and the speaker (5%). The greatest number of failures and hangs accounted for Samsung Devices (26% of all cases), followed by the Lenovo (17%), LeTV (17%), the Motorola (11%) and the Asus (7%).

The most problematic brands and Android-smartphone model according Blancco

The most unstable showed himself smartphone Le 1S from LeTV producer (LeEco). It accounts for 10% of all Android failures. It is followed by Le 1S Eco (7%) and Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus (6%). However, the budget model errors Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus experts Blancco include more on account of the device, not the OS. Feedback from users, smartphone overheats quickly discharged and begins to worse work after installing a large number of applications.

According to Blancco, Android works best in North America, which accounts for 29% of system errors than in Asia (41 %). iOS on the contrary more often refuses to North America (59%) than in Asia (52%).

About Blancco

Blancco specializes in information security, diagnostics and repair of devices as well as erasing data and reuse technology by governments and companies. The company, founded in 1997 in Finland and has offices in Europe, North America, Russia, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Currently, a wholly owned outsourcing company Regenersis.

In 2007, the company was included in the catalog to ensure the integrity and security of NATO information products (NIAPC). Every day, Blancco diagnoses about 29 thousand. Mobile devices around the world.


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