Monday, August 8, 2016

Discovered Android-virus, which he buys for the program … – Russian Newspaper

Security experts have discovered a new type of malicious software. The virus is able to steal personal information from users, download paid apps from Google Play, display advertising, as well as, under certain circumstances, can get root-access, write the experts of “Doctor Web”

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Trojan called Android.Slicer.1.origin, striking gadgets running Android, it can be installed on the victim’s device or other malicious applications, or manually with the third-party sites. The program masquerades as a smartphone optimizes job application that displays information about the use of memory and “cleans” it terminates running processes and allows you to manage wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is worth noting that their own label in the application is not

After starting Android.Slicer sends data to the management server owners:. IMEI gadget, MAC-address of the Wi-Fi-adapter, the name of the manufacturer of the mobile device and operating system information . The main function of the program – demonstration of hype. However, the application is also able to download without the user’s knowledge of the program from Google Play, including paid. Labels new “acquisitions” appear on the home screen.

Experts point out that to make purchases on Google Play, the program can only smartphones and tablets running Android 4.3, since the malicious application has not yet been able to work in Android OS 4.4 and above.


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