Friday, August 5, 2016

Gadgets on the Android Trojan attacks, stealing bank card information – – Reporter online

The virus is able to open the attackers access to credit card and messages gadget master, hiding on advertising platform Google AdSence.

Trojan stealing bank card data from Android phones

The device on the OS Android is threatening another Trojans : warns, the virus lives on sites where to display contextual advertising service used Google AdSence . Infected is very easy, as malicious software is an update for the browser: clicking on the banner of any of the pages you download to the phone apk-file last-browser-update.apk.

If the virus still got on your device, it will not only open the attackers access to a bank card, but also to give them the call history, messages, contacts data and information from the browser.

Viruses on Android

In early July, a virus from China infected more than 10 million devices on Android. Software is embedded in the infected device, download a variety of programs and click on banner ads. Through such operations malware developers are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And in May on Android has another Trojan, stealing card data: the virus forced their victims to give administrator privileges, and then – to enter details of their accounts


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