Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pepper robot can run Android-application – BBC News

SoftBank Corporation of Japan, producing a humanoid robot Pepper, taught his creation work with All Android-applications. As it was announced at a press conference in Tokyo, developers can now create applications for a humanoid robot using a long-accessible and has a familiar tool for Google’s mobile platform.

Support for All Android-application help SoftBank to expand the range compatible with Pepper software and increase sales, and Google – the company-owner of “OSes” – will be able to approve a program for the robot and take your piece of revenue

However, the Japanese billionaire, founder and CEO of SoftBank Masayoshi Sonu will have to give up the dream. to create its own ecosystem. The company has positioned the Pepper, which was released in 2015 for $ 1,800, as a platform for applications. However, for the year it sold just 10,000 robots, suffered a loss and could not attract enough developers.

SoftBank Pepper advertised as the first robot, able to understand human emotions. 1.2-meter-high humanoid moves at a speed of about 3 km / h by more than 20 engines, and his hands are capable of complex gestures. “Iron” robot operates a proprietary operating system Naoqi, and Android will be installed in the tablet attached to the chest Pepper.

Humanoid who understands Japanese and English, is mainly used as an automated advisor. For example, he is already working on as a consultant in several salons cellular

Source:. Bloomberg


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