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Android contention: Google can not stamp his foot and to leave Russia – BAF «Economics today»

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia has appointed a Google penalty for infringement of competition law in the amount of 438 million rubles. The reason for the penalty served a lawsuit Internet company “Yandex»

FAS Russia has appointed Google penalty for violating the law on competition
in amount of 438 million rubles

The Russian company said that Google does not allow preset application “Yandex” on mobile devices Fly brands, and the Prestigio Explay, but also demanded that Google abandon mandatory binding Android operating system to the eponymous search engine. As Google stated that he is closely acquainted with the decision before determining their next steps.

The operating system is Android

«The fact that the Android operating system developed by Google, which in due time acquired the developer of the operating system and a lot of money invested in its development and promotion to this operating system released smartphones. Now OS occupied about 80% market share. And of course Google is not doing this out of altruism. Still, the company’s core business – a search. The meaning of all investments to the mobile Google search was set in Android by default, “- explains the analyst Telecom Daily Ilya Shatilin

As an expert explains, we live in a computer age. and the general trend now is that for keyword you do not need a computer. Now you take a smartphone, and refer to the information on the go, this search becomes more and more. To increase market share requires its own operating system.

«The Russian company was an attempt to establish its operating system called Yandex Keith. This assembly is based on Android, because as we know the latter is a platform open source. They had the opportunity to firmware for smartphones, where it was tied to the “Yandex” services – maps, search and so on, instead of Google. Even the number of smartphones sold on the basis of this assembly. But ultimately unsold smartphones had to alter on Android, to sell the remains “, – the expert continues

 Android  contention: Google can not stamp his foot and  leave Russia.
The next court hearing to consider the appeal complaint
Google postponed until 16 August

Google does not agree with FAS

According to Shatilina predict what the outcome of the situation is now complicated. Possible legal challenge from the American company. “We may recall the story of 15 years ago, when Microsoft in Europe have banned together to install a Windows own browser Internet Explorer.

Then we decided that it was the imposition of a specific browser. But on the other hand the user can always go himself to another browser if you wish. This ban him, no one can. However, Microsoft was fined and it was made the relevant regulation.

It is possible, and Google will have to perform the FAS. It is understandable that stamp his foot and leave the company can not from the Russian market, but “Yandex” be of such a disposition of not refuse “-. He says expert

It should be reminded that the next hearing to consider the appeals Google complaint postponed until 16 August.

Andrei Petrov


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