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Two in one: a review of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android - 3DNews

To understand the reasons for the integration of software solutions for different gadgets on the same platform in a single product, it is enough to draw attention to the emerging trend towards unification of mobile devices that blur the boundaries between smartphones and tablets. Every year the “smart” phones are growing in breadth and approach to the format of tablet computers, which, in turn, on the functional filling becoming more similar to smartphones thanks to slots for SIM-cards, support voice communications GSM, SMS, MMS, 3G and other technologies.

According to analysts DisplaySearch, the market is showing a tendency to increase the diagonal and resolution displays. In the coming quarters will find the most popular smartphones with screen sizes of more than five inches, while the rest of the year is expected to increase their share of devices with even larger screens, putting on portable gadgets is a step closer to the category of tablets. Not surprisingly, the owners of mobile devices sometimes find it difficult to which product should I choose for protection devices based on Android. That is why, according to the manager for the development of mobile products, “Kaspersky Lab” Alexei Chikova, the company made a strategic decision to combine technologies for this platform into a new product, to ensure the safety of the user’s device, regardless of what type it is.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android replaces the Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Tablet Security. Now, these two solutions are combined in a product which has been renamed as part of the overall renovation line of solutions for home users

feature of the new Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is an installation package automatically – depending on the characteristics of the device – activating the functions available to the user and provides an interface to control them. System requirements for the program, meet the gadgets based on the ARM processor with Android 2.3-4.2 on board and a display resolution of not less than 320×480 pixels. Focus on the type of processor is not made by chance, because the application does not support tablets and smartphones with architecture x86. As for the newly announced Google platform Android 4.3, then it KIS is able to find a common language, but full testing to ensure compatibility of the product with the new system specialists “Kaspersky Lab” has not yet been completed, and this fact must be borne in mind.

In Kaspersky Internet Security for Android developers kept the same basic set of free features, like its predecessors, namely the anti-virus databases and on-demand scan, the module “Anti-Theft” filtering configuration calls and SMS. In the full version of the product includes all the advanced security technologies, including proactive and cloud, cloud-using a distributed system for monitoring and rapid response to threats Kaspersky Security Network. For the convenience of the owners of gadgets provide automatic scanning and real-time protection, and for greater security enabled a new feature «SMS Anti-Phishing” that blocks malicious SMS-spam and fraud attempts by checking all the links in the incoming text messages.

Interface Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is automatically adjusted depending on the type of device. It is designed in the style of protective equipment “Kaspersky Lab” for the home user


features are available for all users who installed the program. Provided on a commercial basis possibilities can be activated directly through the interface of the product or service through the purchase of applications Google Play, as well as use them for free during the trial period (7 days). To use the security features in real-time, automatic updates and scheduled inspections, the protection of personal data and the web filter, you must purchase and activate a license. Comparative table of free and paid options is shown below:

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android protects against various types of threats – viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, bots, and other malware. Automatic verification are opened, saved or run files, as well as new programs and sites viewed by the user. When activated «SMS Anti-Phishing” (only available on devices with an installed SIM-card) in the sights of fall protection systems and all the links in text messages. If you check the URL-address shows that it refers to malicious or phishing sites, the owner of the smartphone is notified. Such an integrated approach to protection is justified, especially in light of the growing popularity of Android among the attackers who try by hook or by crook to cash in on the holders of smartphones and tablet PCs. According to the “Kaspersky Lab”, the vast majority of new mobile malware detected in the first quarter of 2013 was focused on this platform.

New KIS for Android also protects from unwanted calls and SMS on the basis of user-generated lists of prohibited and permitted records and in accordance with the selected mode filtering (only messages, calls only, SMS and calls). Additionally, the program includes an option for “personal contacts”, designed to conceal from the prying eyes of confidential information: a list of contacts, information about incoming and outgoing calls and SMS, as well as the corresponding entries in the logs. You can activate it manually, automatically or remotely. In the latter case, the need to send an SMS from another phone by entering the command and secret code.

Special mention deserves the system of “Anti-Theft”, which protects the information on a portable device from unauthorized access and helps to find a gadget in the event of theft or loss. With the help of a web portal Kaspersky Anti-Theft Web Management or special SMS-commands owner of the smartphone or tablet can remotely perform the following steps: lock your device and determine its approximate location on the map Google Maps, enable it loud siren, delete data, and to get photos the person who uses the gadget. Also in the case of SIM-card, or turn on the device without KIS can automatically lock the device and notify the user about the new phone. An attacker could disable the security system, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is protected from unauthorized deletion. Neither party applications, no other users can not access the configuration of the product without a secret code known only to the owner of the mobile device.

In case of loss or theft of the Android-based device, you can remotely control the functions of the module “Anti-Theft” through a personal account on the web portal Kaspersky Anti-Theft Web Management

To access the “anti-theft” of the module must have an account Kaspersky Account, you can create the initial configuration of the component “Anti-Theft”. To address the emerging issues can always refer to the documentation provided with the product or placed on site / mobile / kisandroid information and reference materials.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is available for Russian users on the official website / android-security. Soon, the distribution program appears in the online store Google Play and replace solutions Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Tablet Security. The novelty value of 150 rubles (annual license for a single gadget.) Users who have already installed one of the above products can upgrade to the new KIS during the term of the license.

And last

. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is primarily designed for individual users. Organizations “Kaspersky Lab” recommends purchasing optimized to work in a corporate environment Kaspersky Security for mobile devices. This product is available the same security features, but they can be managed from a single, centralized administration console.

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