Friday, August 9, 2013

Android and iOS have laid the surveillance of users in the new operating system - RT on Russian

In a time when the world was engulfed in a persecution complex, and everyone is ready to throw his “tracked” phone, mobile software developers need to do to watch every step, so as not to be suspected of collusion with the “dark side.” In the latest operating systems, Apple and Android users have found regular surveillance functions.

In the last

iOS7 enthusiasts with “apple” Sorry, an item, which automatically saves all your favorite places and the number of user visits. In this option can be turned off, but this iPhone owner should have a rummage in the configuration map and a list of places are located in the Settings / Privacy / Location Services / System Services / Frequent Locations.

As for the operating system from Google, the latter Android 4.3 «pleased” his fans not only energy-intensive technology of Bluetooth, but also curious option of continuous scanning networks and geolocation even when the Wi-Fi. As stated in the accompanying description, “switched off Wi-Fi and other Google applications can scan the next network to improve geolocation and other purposes».

It is these “other purposes”, about which developers of Google has not yet been able to speak more clearly, and people are confused: the function is actually an alternative to the continued inclusion of GPS and suggests that the location of the phone will be automatically detected and used by applications. Turning off WI-Fi and geolocation in the first place saves battery power, but because the suspect is a new option can be disabled if desired, users are inclined to think that it only saves energy.

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