Saturday, August 10, 2013

Acer will increase the share of revenue from the sale of devices with Android and Chrome OS up to 20-30% -


Revenues for the second quarter declined markedly, the reporting period is completed with a net loss of $ 11.4 million The bulk of revenue is brought Acer laptops (62%), and this category of products are in less demand, as the the same quarterly report NVIDIA, for example.

Website DigiTimes , with reference to the comments Acer chairman said how the company is going to struggle with a temporary crisis. Desktops provide the company with 15% of revenue, LCD monitors – 9% of revenue, tablets – 8% of revenue, while all other categories (including smartphones) – 6% of revenue. In the third quarter of this year, Acer expects to break even in terms of operating profit. Volumes of supplies of laptops and tablets will be increased by 5% compared with the second quarter.

bulk selling Acer products accounted for the product with a low level of profitability, it is going to reduce that share in the third quarter to 60% of the production program. In the mid-price segment will fall to 30% of the products Acer, and in the upper price segment will fall 10%. Previously, Acer had hoped to bring to the end of the year the share of laptops with touch screen up to 30%, now this goal has been reduced to 20-25%.

In 2014, according to a source, Acer will increase the proportion of its revenues from sales of devices running Google Android and Chrome OS from the current 10-20% to 20-30%. Now almost all Acer devices with the operating system Android – it’s smart phones and tablets, and the share of laptops running Chrome OS is not more than 3% of the corresponding segment. The so-called “Chromebooks” sold primarily to educational institutions. Obviously, to increase the share of revenues from sales of devices running Google, Acer’s necessary not only to increase the production of existing products, but also to expand the range of models. Not so long ago, the company has expressed its regret that initially paid little attention to the development of tablets. Obviously, without the appearance of new models of tablets running Android to achieve their goals will not be easy.

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