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Analysis of prospects. Android-camera Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom -

A & # x43D; prospects of Aliz , willows. Android-camera Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Library: analytics In 2012, the irrepressible Samsung released a new segment of cameras running on Android. Samsung Galaxy Camera was not a bestseller, but a notable decision. After analyzing the perception of devices from buyers in the current marketing year, the company presented a new vision smartkamery, aiming at the mass segment … So there was a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. In the first block of the material we consider the strengths and capabilities of the device, in the second – his weaknesses and risks.

Strengths and Opportunities

1. It is not necessary to be a professional from the world of digital gadgets to understand that if the device is left in the line of Galaxy S and especially the flagship Galaxy S4, the company Samsung believes in it and makes it very tall bets. If the Galaxy Camera was created in order to test the niche, Galaxy S4 Zoom – full device aimed at actual sales, rather than creating WOW-effect. Thus, the conceptual component has changed: instead of a camera with a smartphone interface in front of us with a smartphone photofraction from full photographic device. The fact that perhaps in ten years rolled on the exhibitions as a concept or sold exclusively in Korea and Japan (namely the phone with a retractable lens), and finally became a reality.

2. Any “Samsung” designer Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 – this is the application for the love of buyers. Galaxy S4 Zoom stars from the sky is not enough: the front side, it is the real Galaxy S4 – high gloss finish and no surprises. Many swear and resent the plastic, but time Samsung has not yet moved to the metal, then realizes that it is possible to maintain the popularity and without it. All the same enthusiasm from the audience will fall to the back surface, which is made exactly like a real camera, with a large window flash, the shutter release button and, of course, zumiruyuschim lens.

3. It’s nice that compared with Samsung Galaxy Camera , the novelty has become much thinner, lighter and smaller. No, it still has impressive size, but has now become more like a smartphone on this parameter. Compare: 63.5×125.5×15.4 mm, 208 grams, at the Galaxy S4 Zoom and 70,8 × 128,7 × 19,1 mm, 300 grams, at the Galaxy Camera.

4. functional gadget – a typical representative of the middle class in understanding the Samsung. If you do not touch photofraction, it is highly popular Galaxy S mini 4 free slots for two SIM cards and other processor. 4.3-inch screen – the size is the same as in the Galaxy S 4 Mini, made by technology SuperAMOLED. “Amoled” here is quality, no raises no objections. Slot for cards microSD, 8GB of internal memory. Not without Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS. Device operates on the basis of 1.5 GHz processor. Battery, thank goodness, a decent capacity – 2300 mAh.

5. The most important thing – the photographic characteristics – went from Galaxy Camera, with the exception of the zoom, and the poor will not name them: 16.3 megapixel, 1/2.3 “BSI CMOS sensor, F2.8 23mm, 10x zoom, ISO 100 to 3200, video recording in FullHD. These numbers do not disappoint, though, I think it is better not to give the Galaxy Camera in the hands of a professional photographer. About chips cameras say the words of the press release. Fast and ultra-sensitive 16-megapixel CMOS-matrix backlit (BSI) can shoot with the correct exposure with less light and faster focus than conventional matrix. Therefore, even in low-light conditions your pictures will be relatively bright. Next Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has a built-in optical image stabilization, which allows you to accurately focus on the subject, even if you move. Of course, there were dozens of shooting modes, various settings and excellent video (1080p at 30 fps and 720 at 60 fps).

6. The lack of competitors. In fact, with today fotoresheniyami indulges only Nokia, but yeah, that’s more marketing than the actual synthesis of “adult” camera and smartphone. Besides Nokia 808 Pure View – a model of the previous generation, and start selling Lumia 1020 still waiting.

7. Rarely is that of the cost, described in the “strengths” model, in the case of the Galaxy S4 Zoom this moment has come. 19 990 rubles – as much as asking for the Galaxy S4 mini, which has become a donor non-photographic filling fotosmartfona, both new on the 5000 cheaper Samsung Galaxy Camera at the start. Given the uniqueness of solutions, the price tag came curious: Samsung really dreaming about the popularity of the gadget, otherwise I would ask him thirty of that Nokia is going to do with my Lumia 1020.

8. We all know how much attention was given to marketing, Samsung promote their products. Moreover, we know how aggressive it is promoting the flagship and unique solutions. In the case of the Galaxy S4 Zoom support for active than for the Galaxy Camera, even a cool movie on television, it is not possible for niche devices. Well, no Galaxy S4 Zoom is not a niche, but a real fotosmartfon, founder of the segment of high-grade fotosmartfonov, another know-how of the Korean manufacturer.

Weaknesses and threats / risks

1. The main problem Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom – its massiveness. Engineers minimized the matrix as they could – as you read above, it came out much smaller than the Galaxy Camera. Unfortunately, the “compact” does not mean “compact”. World unaccustomed to thick sets, closing their eyes to the width and length planshetofonov: when using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom you still will not leave feeling that you are holding the camera. Of course, get used to it, of course, love, but in a pocket of jeans is a 208-gram miracle did not revile.

2. Before us is a controversial product, even more massive than its predecessor. It seems that for Samsung, this niche is much more complex than, for example, the segment planshetofonov. How to convince people that the photo module, built on the same Galaxy S4 mini, enough for everyday shooting? How to get them to wear such a whopper with you? In terms of marketing, I would have emphasized the video: last year, broke service Twitter Vine, a couple of months ago, appeared in the video “instagrame.” Video content is becoming a key social networks and Galaxy S4 Zoom – an opportunity to show your friends a high quality, clear, expressive clip, seasoned with its stunning wilted.

3. Alas, the camera features compared Galaxy Camera with deteriorated zoom out, which is kind of like the main visual “chip” devices. Do not be upset: Other characteristics are preserved. Overall survey will please fans who enjoyed the “soap box” for 5000 rubles and cheaper, all the others who have dealt with the devices harder, it is not impressed. Sophisticated job Macro Zoom Yes – that’s what a pleasant surprise. I guess I should wait a couple of years as long as no one dares to tell the “but” in the address of the camera, built-in fotosmartfon. Until this time has come.

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Article publication date – August 30, 2013

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[30.08.2013 19:38:30] Posted by: Silver Surfer
You will fall off 20 rubles for it? Imo even here there is no difference, 20 or 30

[30.08.2013 17:08:15] Author: Anton
25 price tag (read 30) for the “middle class” …
19 990 rubles, the price at the start, like in Russian written
or Messenger to help

[30.08.2013 14:20:30] Posted by: Silver Surfer
> In 2012, the irrepressible Samsung released a new segment of cameras running on Android.

A == == is actually a segment of the market, in general? ;)

[30.08.2013 14:19:09] Posted by: Silver Surfer
Written in “Weaknesses and threats / risks” – is complete refutation written above in the “Strengths and Opportunities”))

And not “good cool camera,” and “nice cool” smartphone price tag of 25 (ie 30) for the “middle class” … can be a long review, “who will buy it and why” and “what moves Samsung’s marketing department has taken to this”))

Previous same was kind of like a smartphone, but just a camera / PDA, or I wrong?

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