Sunday, August 11, 2013

Amazon may release a game console based on Android this year - 3DNews

Quite unexpectedly

web rumors that the company is preparing Amazon gaming console, running the operating system Android (in fact an analogue of the open Android-console Ouya), with the launch of the system can take place before the end of the year to Christmas season sales. At the moment, there are almost no details, but if the leading online retailer Amazon is really preparing a product to enter the gaming market, then you should pay attention.

According to the resource

Game Informer, referring to the anonymous informant, the system under development could soon be submitted to the international community, and its entry into the market is planned for the end of November, Thanksgiving Day, from which in fact in the U.S. Christmas shopping season begins and high discounts.

also argued that the console will be equipped with a special game controller, and users will be able to receive from her access to the current library of Android-apps and games available in the store Amazon Appstore. Gaming platform Ouya, created by pre raise funds from interested players, has attracted a lot of public attention – probably in the Amazon are also interested in such devices.

Amazon has released a number of products based on the revised version of the Google Android platform with its own interface, services and app store. First of all, we are of course talking about the rulers of relatively successful Kindle Fire tablet and Kindle Fire HD, which is rumored to receive a significant upgrade this fall. There were information and the preparation of Android-smartphone company, but then they are damped out and nothing new in this respect have not heard.

Unlike startup Ouya, with Amazon already has a decent infrastructure for home gaming system, due to television companies operating cloud services, a library, gaming and multimedia, as well as greater financial opportunity. In this case, the launch of such a device can significantly increase the user base of the company. Given the orientation of the Amazon to profit from the sale of services and content, the console can be very affordable to attract the widest possible audience.

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