Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In Android-apps will be less advertising and counterfeiting - Russian Newspaper

Google Inc. has made a number of changes to the rules for the development and publication of applications for the operating system, according to The Next Web. Mostly they are directly related to building applications, advertising and integrated shopping.

Under the new rules, the application can not contain false or unclear description, including the label, the name, the announcement or screenshots. In addition, developers are prohibited to advertise in the system notifications, and browser bookmarks, sections of the application on the home screen and there should be links, shortcuts to any third-party services.

In addition, the new rules may not be published in the Google Play app, parodying existing programs both appearance and functionality. Also, applications do not need to change system settings without the prior consent of the user, which also must be able to quickly and simply undo the change. Finally, the rules impose a ban on forcing the user to uninstall other applications.

In addition, developers can not attempt to influence the ranking of all applications, including offering to rate. Payment applications under the new rules should only take payment via Google Play.

on the necessary changes to the application developers to take 30 days. After this period, programs for Android, do not meet the new requirements may be removed from Google Play.

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