Saturday, August 10, 2013

Amazon is preparing for the announcement of the game console running Google Android -

At a recent quarterly report conference NVIDIA chapter spoke with feeling about the prospects of Google Android and PC as a gaming platform, justifying his decision to present a gaming device Shield, it uses Android. To his arguments will be discussed later, but for now let us consider the publication online .

colleagues argue that the Internet giant Amazon is developing a video game console that is running Google Android. It is assumed that the device will be presented in the fourth quarter of this year – say, towards the end of October, when the United States begins the traditional hype associated with the purchase of Christmas gifts. In order to promote the game console Amazon will be giving away the game every day. In contrast to the Shield, having integrated into the tool controller at the console Amazon will be a separate external game controller.

be recalled that the Amazon all produced devices – tablets and “reading” Kindle is selling almost at cost, earning only on the implementation of digital content and services to users. According to the same Jensen Huang, the games for the Android platform has good potential for monetization: up to 80% of revenue app store Google Play games provide, and owners of tablets two thirds of the time with these devices is carried out for the games. Obviously, if voiced in the news information is reliable, Amazon shares this optimism.

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