Friday, August 30, 2013

Android Developer moved to China - BBC

top manager Hugo Barra, responsible for the development of Android, resigned from Google. Since October, he will begin to work in a Chinese company Xioami, realizing cost smartphones MIUI. While these phones nizkofunktsionalny and not appreciated by the market, but the demand in China. Before Barra tasked to improve their software, is filled with interesting applications. All this should help us to make a breakthrough and enter the international market, as in his time did, Lenovo and Huawei.

Vice-president of Google, Hugo Barra, responsible for the development and management of products Android, has resigned, the newspaper writes CNet. Who will replace Barra in his post, is still unknown.

The developer's mobile operating system Android Andy Rubin leaves as head of profile units Google

Google has removed the head of Android

Google changes the head of the team of developers Android. Andy Rubin – one of the creators of mobile operating system, a typical geek and a madman, even according to … ?

In March, the company left Andy Rubin, creator of Android. Android Inc company was founded in 2003 and two years later became a portfolio of assets Google. The founders of the American Internet Corporation Larry Page and Sergey Brin first heard of Android in 2004, when Rubin came to him and told him how the mobile operating system open source could affect the process of innovation in the mobile industry.

According to the report

analysts IDC, Android is installed on 80% of smartphones in the world and 63% of tablets. According to market research firm Gartner, in the first quarter of 2013 of all smartphones shipped in the share of Android-devices accounted for 74%.

Barr worked at Google since 2008 and is officially represented devices Android, including Nexus 7 tablet. Of Google, it is likely to go to work in a Chinese company Xioami as vice president of global operations.

Xioami – Chinese manufacturer of smartphones based on operating system MIUI, operates on the same principles of openness, as well as Android. Corporation is known for enthusiastic attitude to the products Android, part of the company and its executives compared to Apple and Steve Jobs. The reason for this – a sharp increase capitalization and dissemination of budget smartphones. The maximum cost of gadgets Xioami is $ 325, the latest smartphone model sells for $ 130.

At the end of 2012 the cost of business Xioami estimated at $ 4 billion – at the end of July, the company is worth $ 10 billion

A Google spokesman said the corporation employees will miss Barra. “I’m really looking forward to this new challenge and welcome the opportunity to continue to develop the ecosystem Android», – he said Barr. Co-founder Gian Xioami Ley wrote in microblogging company, “Barr join Xioami in early October and will be responsible for expanding international business».

While smartphones

Xioami sold exclusively in the Chinese market, their sales are approaching 5% in the country, the report said Canalys. But these figures are much lower than main rival Samsung Electronics South Korean corporation with a share of 18%, but most of the iPhone maker corporation Apple – 4,8%. The tremendous growth in smartphone sales Xioami says that in the near future, the corporation may try to enter the international market, as in his time did, Lenovo and Huawei.

Barr smartphones can help us not only to go beyond the Chinese market, but also to expand their capabilities, improved functionality through software development experience Android. “Until Xioami will remain not too functional handheld device, they will always be undervalued – says IT-analyst Lu Shan. – Therefore, in the future, they are likely to focus on the development and expansion of software and increasing the number of applications for smartphones ».

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