Saturday, December 20, 2014

What future for Android in the car? –

 Android Auto

Platform Android Auto was introduced about six months ago and gave a major boost to the introduction of the Android operating system in cars. However, a drawback of the system was the need for a connected smartphone, without which Android Auto turned into a normal touch screen.

However, Android Auto was only the first step towards the introduction of Android in cars. As the resource androidauthority , the next version of Android, codenamed M, get a lot more integration with the car multimedia system.

The main difference between the new technology should be complete independence from the smartphone. That is, in the car multimedia system will be installed complete a special version of Android, and not just an interface for connection to a portable device.

In addition, this integration is tempting to think that in every car equipped with Android M, will be added a slot for SIM-card, and the system will support networks LTE.

If Google is going to take this step, then their main task will be to convince automakers need to install in their products is Android, and not the solution Apple’s a CarPlay.


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