Thursday, December 18, 2014

Google launched a program of Android Auto – – Editorial Business News

Google has begun to develop a version of Android, which will be embedded directly in cars, allowing drivers to use the Internet without having to connect smartphones. This writes Reuters, citing sources close to the company.


  Google plans to make a presentation system for a year. The company is also preparing to introduce a new version of the mobile platform Android, sources told the agency. Google representatives did not comment on the information.


  In June 2014 Google has introduced a program of Android Auto, which allows you to display the car navigation, a music player, as well as applications for calls and sending messages. In addition, the company signed a cooperation contract with Hyundai, General Motors Company and Nissan Motor Company.


  Apple CarPlay similar platform and Windows in the Car Show Apple and Microsoft in March 2014.


  For design, the integration of Android directly with the car will allow access to the services of Google, as soon as the driver will lead the motor vehicle. Furthermore, the new system will be connected to other vehicle components, in particular fuel level indicator. The platform will be able to monitor the level of fuel and, if necessary, automatically embedded Google maps show the route to the nearest petrol station.

The new development could be very profitable for Google. The company will be able to access the GPS-data of the vehicle, allowing it to determine which routes the driver selects the most.


  According to analysts, Google may face a variety of technical difficulties. For example, the company will have to persuade car manufacturers to integrate the system into operation for the assembly of machines.


  Currently, IT-companies strive to create innovative gadgets that have access to the Internet. In particular, one of the latest discoveries steel wristwatch-based operating systems companies. Interaction with the car players in the technology market is considered particularly promising.

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