Monday, December 22, 2014

Media: Nokia prepares Android-smartphone – Russian newspaper

The network has information that Nokia is preparing to release Android-smartphone. As the portal, novelty can get the name of the C1.

Resource posted a photo of the future gadget, but to see it in detail, as well as the configuration is not possible. However, some information is voiced. The smartphone is expected to be equipped with a 5-inch screen, processor Intel, RAM of 2 GB and a 32-gigabyte drive. The gadget will get two cameras – five and eight megapixels.

Let us recall the production of mobile devices Nokia sold to Microsoft for 5.44 billion euros in the fall of 2013. Terms of the contract has been agreed to use registered on the Nokia brand and patents, as well as the transition of the managers of the Finnish company to work for Bill Gates. In September of this year, Microsoft announced that it intends to abandon the brand Nokia phones and smartphones.

At the end of October, while summing up the work for the third quarter Nokia representative said that the famous Finnish brand is an important asset company, and expressed regret that they can not yet use it to bring new products to market. It is possible that the company will return to the market with partners.


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