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Choosing a browser for android-devices: Puffin Web Browser –





In recent years, the laboratory site Overclockers took almost all popular browsers for mobile gadgets. Previously, you could get an overview of not only the Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox and Dolphin Browser , but less urgent applications, for example, Next Browser and others.

At first glance, we met with all that is worth at least the slightest interest. But no, there is one more web-browser with a capital letter – Puffin Web Browser. That he is and for what reason deserves attention? The fact that the hero has its own view engine, designed and optimized specifically for mobile gadgets. Let’s see how the Puffin Web Browser and what other virtues are hidden.

Cloud computing: Puffin Web Browser


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It’s no secret that after the first tablet of Apple – iPad, many users simply perplexed, but what it watch online video? After all, html5, toward which made the move guys from Cupertino, has not yet been developed, and now he is not well popularized. What to do? That’s where the “warning in advance” skillful programmers creating Puffin Web Browser. And already he knew how to work with Adobe Flash, albeit with the help of cloud computing, but still could.

But this applies only gadget of Apple, but what does Puffin Web Browser is to Android? Expected question. Everything is simple, this browser has become so popular is functional and that appeared for the Android system and became really interesting. And since OC Android 4.1, Flash Player is not officially supported, we are conscious citizens – all at once understood.

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It is necessary to look at the basic functions of the browser, marked with the developers:

  • Indecent fast: Puffin speeds up Web browsing, transferring the load from resource-constrained devices on the “cloud” servers, and require resources web page can work very fast on your phone or tablet.

  • Protection “cloud” storage: all traffic from the application server to Puffin Puffin encrypted, is protection from hackers who are nearby. You can safely use unsafe public access points, Wi-Fi, using the Puffin, which can be unsafe for other browsers.

  • The latest version of Flash: we continue to improve our “cloud” servers and give you access to the latest (14.0) version of Flash Player by “cloud».

  • Keep the speed channel: Puffin uses a proprietary compression algorithm to transmit web data to your device, you can save up to 90% the speed of processing during normal web browsing (please note that the streaming Flash video content, or requires more speed treatments than during normal use).

  • The Incredible download speeds.

  • Free full Adobe Flash support in the daytime.

  • Upload files to the Cloud (files up to 20 MB).

  • Theater Mode for Flash-based video and games.

  • Virtual touchpad (mouse simulation).

  • The virtual joystick.

  • Features Additions (Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, translator, etc.).

  • Color schemes for the toolbar and flyout.

  • The fastest engine Java Script.

  • Incognito mode: automatic cleaning of your performance in the application.

Differences PRO version:

  • Round the clock support Adobe Flash.

  • Support for additional features.



Looks browser utilitarian particular style is not there. Dark gray window, the menu is one type of font settings in general all chaotic and illogical. As a result, the particular style and personality in this application no.

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The main menu is a list of the most popular sites. They are presented in the form of translucent panels with the names and distinctive icon. By the way, this indicator menu located in the lower left corner. There is also a button with a heart, peace and image.

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From the heart of everything is clear, it is a list of our favorites. He looks like a menu with the most visited sites. The same panel, the same icons and so on. To get to this menu you can not only touch on the appropriate icon, and swipe left.

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Much more interesting is the icon with the “world”, the so-called “World Puffin». There are placed a new web application, in most cases – the game. Animated icons, to move gracefully, glitter and so on.

There is a library and online games, specifically optimized for this browser. We look at the game later.

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Well, the last – the fourth icon is responsible for the background image. Utility function, do not argue. But is it so important to place the button on the main toolbar !? Why burden the already ridiculous-looking menu? Images themselves eight pieces, still have a white background and the ability to set your own image as a background.

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The status line is made by analogy with a standard Web browser. It supports “live input”, but that its function does not end there.

For example, we have introduced some kind of request, but the resulting search result did not satisfy us. And not to open another search engine and re-enter the query, you can select one of the available search engine at the top of the window. Loaded automatically search engine with your request, which is convenient. Such decisions we have seen in other applications.

Next to the status panel contains the relevant elements – the relevant type. The only thing that removed the arrow, responsible for the transition to the “future page.” As for me, it is absolutely unnecessary function, so it is no very logical solution.

From the panel with tabs not given, it is located above. When viewing a site it is hidden, which is convenient and saves space. There are full-screen mode, whether closely, here he is referred to as mode “Theatre”.

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Menu to open a tab by convenient. Placed several windows in my case there are four. They can close the one-touch or open new tabs directly from this menu.

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The panel with access to the Quick Setup opens to swipe left. Nothing particularly inter esting is not there. You can switch to full screen mode, add the site to your favorites, share a particular page, view the history of visits and look into the bowels of the application.

This is, in principle, we have considered all the elements of the interface of the web browser.



Puffin Web Browser, as opposed to a few web browsers, uses the engine of its own design, called the name of the browser.

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It was created for the sole purpose – to bring an integral support for Adobe Flash on mobile devices. I can say straight away that they did it very well, from now on we’ll start.

The browser supports all Flash elements, install Flash Player on your device is not necessary. And yet, Flash will work even on devices with an outdated processor architecture such as ARM6 and MIPS. On viewing the video, we will not sharpen its focus there and everything is clear. This happens extremely smoothly and clearly, twitching and artifacts arise.

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But how are you doing with online games? Games and educational applications Puffin World a bit, but in a network of online games whole thousands. So that problems with the content should not be. It is for them, secondary, and positioned this browser.

Let’s just say run “simple” game can be at times, especially like to mention the speed of downloading files of the game – it happens incredibly fast. And here are some very “heavy” game, for example, the same Dead Trigger 2 of the social network Facebook will not work, since it requires Unity Web Player.

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Management games by using built-in emulator gamepad, keyboard or mouse. I can not say that playing straight is very convenient, but it is possible.

It is desirable to have a smartphone with a diagonal of 5.6 inches or tablet as controls, and the games themselves, look very small.

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With Adobe Flash in the Puffin Web Browser, we figured out, but except for that, there are browsers?

When you download a typical site, for example, our Overclockers, we see a lot of unusual things. Loading of the site there is a long – from 3 to 5 seconds. How Come? Unknown. Testing was conducted at fast Wi-Fi connection, as well as test devices used Xiaomi Redmi Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Okay, it’s not so bad, go ahead.

When scrolling scrolling antsy; zooming is smooth and even, but redrawing the page takes some time.

elements of the site are displayed correctly enough, even pop-up advertising banners look right. With fonts, except in the menu of the application, there is no problem.

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After installing the Puffin Web Browser takes about 25 MB. But in the mode of operation does occupies 50 Mbytes of RAM, but it is necessary to open two or three tabs, even without Flash or other content, as already 200, and even 400 MB RAM consumes a web browser.

This is due to the constant exchange of data between the server, so that through the mobile Internet is not particularly popolzueshsya browser Puffin.



That’s benchmarks and synthetic tests this browser has no equal. After all calculations are not on the device, and servers – in the “cloud” and then transferred to the device.

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All this reminds technology works turbo mode in the browser Opera, where the data pass through the server and compressed, so only the meaning and the other algorithm. It’s not fair, but let’s take a look at the results.

191x340 25 KB. Big one: 720x1280 68 KB  191x340 49 KB. Big one: 720x1280 277 KB 191x340 29 KB. Big one: 720x1280 97 KB


HTML5 Test praised does 452 points, and the best possible result in this benchmark may be 555 points. Come on.

Peacekeeper «given» Browser 4060 points, which is an incredible result. The maximum score among mobile devices in the Safari browser on Apple iPad Air – 1900 points. Among android-devices is a gadget with processors Nvidia K1, the Chrome browser and the result in 1500 points. By the way, my work laptop is gaining only 2000, and then 4000 points – just incredible.

Working with Java Script is also striking, both literally and figuratively. If Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers as quickly as possible is the result of a second, then there is only 200 milliseconds. Test was used Sun Spider 1.0.2.

Conclusions on browser performance Puffin can do yourself. Let it uses no resources smartphone and server capabilities, but it shows just incredible results.



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The adjustments or settings Puffin Web Browser is not particularly rich, but, as they say, “The rich and glad to.” Traditionally, elementary functions, such as incognito mode and the possibility to add a site to your favorites, will not be considered.

Once in setup through the panel that opens to swipe left, we just lost in the possibilities. Not that there are so many simple lists are constructed correctly, at one point one font size, the other a little more, and the third is generally written in italics.

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Yes, a lot of points, but the use of th em is not. We can choose a color theme, visuals by touching the screen, the ability to store passwords from websites, automatically clean your history, and so on.

From the unusual can only select quality Flash elements are given a choice of five settings, choose them from the power of our device.

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Of course, Puffin Web Browser, like any self-respecting browser has support for add-ons. There are not so much – even if typed two dozen, but they are.

Among them translator Google, mail client indicator Gmail messages and various “rassharivateli” in social networks. ADBlocker missing, which is a pity.

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There is one interesting feature associated with downloading files – “Loading the cloud.” They can not only upload directly on our smartphone, but also directly to our account Dropbox or Google Drive. Since the action will take place between the “clouds”, as described in the application, it will happen almost instantly.

In practice, the file size of 15 MB loaded in Dropbox for a second, with none of its megabyte of traffic has not been spent. Definitely useful function.

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Free You can upload files up to 20 MB limit on downloads – 100MB. If you need more, say, 1 GB, you have to lay out $ 1 per month.

The conclusions of the browser Puffin Web Browser


Puffin Web Browser was very good browser, although at first glance it does not say. Typical and no outstanding interface, besides loaded with different details. With the browser initially difficult to cope and understand where, how and what. Redesign would not hurt.

The functions in a web browser abound. It has everything that you can, and even a virtual joystick to control in online games, background downloading of files on the server browser and many other features. It even support supplements. But, unfortunately, there is no synchronization with any desktop browser, but this is quite an important point.

With the performance and display elements originated a very interesting point. The thing is that all the data is passed through a special server. In this review Puffin gaining incredible results in virtual benchmarks. For example, the performance of Sun Spider 1.0.2 took only 200 milliseconds.


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