Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The number of Android-threat continues to grow – 3DNews

The company “Doctor Web” presented an overview of virus activity in the segment of mobile Android-devices at the end of the last month of 2014.

It is reported that the number of different threats targeting the platform Android, continues to grow. As before, the attackers are actively spreading trojans using unwanted SMS-messages containing a link to the download of a malicious application. In the final month was recorded about 160 of these spam campaigns.

One of the trends in December was the spread of Trojans, placed directly into the firmware image of the operating system a number of Android-devices. Within a month it was revealed several such cases, and the detected malware applications used by cybercriminals to perform covert actions favorable to them. For example, malware Android.Backdoor.126.origin team management server can be placed among the incoming messages by an infected mobile device different SMS with the text specified by hackers, allowing enterprising virus writers to realize various fraudulent schemes.

Another Trojan “hidden” inside installed on some Android-powered devices operating system, provided by its founding cybercriminals even more opportunities for illegal activity. In particular, a malicious program Android.Backdoor.130.origin, could send SMS, make calls, display advertising, download, install and run applications without the user’s knowledge, and send to the management server a range of confidential information.

Another noteworthy malicious Android-programs detected in December, was the Trojan Android.SmsBot.213.origin, which team cybercriminals to carry out undesirable for the owners of infected devices action. In particular, it is a malicious application has been able to intercept and send SMS, and send to the management server user’s confidential information. Moreover, the malware could allow an attacker to gain access to the management of the bank accounts of users who have been connected mobile banking services.


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