Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review of android-tablet DEXP Ursus 9PV 3G: the second of the bear family –

DEXP Ursus 9PV 3G

Operating System
Android 4.2.2

Body materials
Plastic, metal

9.7 “, IPS, 2048 x 1536, 264 ppi

Intel Atom Z3735D, 4 core, 1.8 GHz

The video
Intel HD Graphics

2 GB

Built-in drive
16 GB

Card slot
MicroSD, up to 64 GB

Interfaces and data communications
USB 2.0 (OTG), Wi-Fi (b / g / n), Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, 3G (900/2100, only SMS and data transmission)

Slots SIM
1 pcs., Mini-SIM

5.0 megapixel main c autofocus,
2.0 megapixel front

8000 mAh

sensors and sensors
Accelerometer, gyro

240.0 x 181.0 x 8.5 mm

600 g

~ 9500 rubles.

Hero review has all the basic functionality that you expect to see in the budget structure. Hardware layout looks good and should ensure the normal speed. Pleased with metal housing, high resolution, the presence of slot for memory cards up to 64 GB capacity battery and support mobile data.

Among the shortcomings at first glance it may be noted only a small set of sensors. The rest of the pluses and minuses, as usual, will be revealed in the course of a detailed study of the device.

Packaging and delivery DEXP Ursus 9PV 3G

The plate DEXP entered the test in a large cardboard box.

450x345 85 KB. Big one: 1500x1151 531 KB

On the surface of the package marked symbolism of the company, basic information about the device and its image.

450x345 93 KB. Big one: 1500x1151 560 KB

The device is immediately under the lid of the box in the recess.

450x345 77 KB. Big one: 1500x1151 503 KB

Under the tablet contains the following package:

  • Charger (5 V, 2.5 A);

  • Cable USB;

  • Documentation.

 450x269 80 KB. Big one: 1500x895 518 KB

Quality all the components of a good delivery.

Appearance and design DEXP Ursus 9PV 3G

Ursus 9PV 3G model is made in the case of non-separable plastic and metal elements. Occupies the entire front panel glass, which is located under the screen.

450x266 60 KB. Big one: 1500x887 374 KB

The back of brushed metal covers. Located on the edges of the plastic inserts with different functional elements. Metal pleasant to the touch, but enough stamps (imprints are erased with difficulty). Plastic mat and something special is no different.

Binding of the two ends of the metal part, the rear panel slides over the edges.

450x270 59 KB. Big one: 1500x900 391 KB

According to today’s standards, the average shell thickness – 8.5 mm. The ends and corners smoothed back of the tablet. Hold the device with both hands comfortably.

The device is versatile layout and is not intended for use in any particular orientation. All buttons and connectors are located at the ends.

450x266 77 KB. Big one: 1500x886 461 KB

The height of the device is 240 mm, width 181 mm . Frame around the display is wide, which helps grip and increases the size of the body.

The weight of the tablet is 600 grams With this option, it feels normal for its size, although it can be done and less.

450x336 112 KB. Big one: 1500x1120 910 KB

On the rear panel are placed logos and basic information about the model .

343x450 113 KB. Big one: 1143x1500 1065 KB

On the one side of the screen there is a front camera. Charge indicator and events is not provided.

389x450 79 KB. Big one: 1298x1500 604 KB

On the front side of the machine around the screen there are no more elements . Absent and touch buttons, they are onscreen.

418x450 87 KB. Big one: 1394x1500 674 KB

The main camera is located in the corner of the rear panel on the plastic insert . The camera module is barely above the level of the body.

Do not get lost in the gadget’s elements allow novice clear markings applied white paint.

450x279 78 KB. Big one: 1500x929 694 KB

On the opposite edge of the rear panel placed the main speaker with dual slot. Directional stereo sound to the user are, unfortunately, not be able to get.

450x450 141 KB. Big one: 1500x1500 1259 KB

At one of the short ends (top) is a connector 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB, memory card slot MicroSD, a slot for Mini SIM-card and microphone hole. Memory card inserted and communication without trays, by snapping.

450x48 27 KB. Big one: 1500x161 137 KB

At the opposite end of the short (bottom) there is no element .

450x46 26 KB. Big one: 1500x153 125 KB

On the right side are the power button, double adjustment button volume button and Home (return to the main screen).

450x32 22 KB. Big one: 1500x106 95 KB

At the opposite end of the long, no item is placed.

450x32 22 KB. Big one: 1500x108 96 KB

The quality of materials and their processing are good. Metal of sufficient thickness, roughness and gives the tablet a pleasing appearance. Assembled body is normal, there is no backlash, scratches and crackles when twisting and pressure-sensitive minimum.

Fit exact details, all the gaps look even and equal. Controls and connectors are positioned conveniently. Size of the buttons is sufficient, they are pressed normally, with tangible and intelligible click. Installed sensors do not give malfunction.

With the active use of the enclosure is heated in a comfortable range for perception. The drawbacks are a brand of metal and glass front panel.


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