Saturday, December 20, 2014

Android firmly built into cars – Mail.Ru

What are the automakers will become partners Google, the agency does not report. But two sources in the company said that the first cars on Android should be on sale in about a year – when a new version of the operating system, code-named Android M .

It is very interesting how consumers react to modify vehicles with Android Edition words in the title. Reputation OS means that Android will be mainly on the mass models like “focus” and “golf”. Also wondering whether Apple is preparing a symmetric (or is it asymmetrical?) Response – that is, whether its system CarPlay tightly integrated into different cars pretentious. Recall that, according to witnesses, Android Auto and CarPlay (formerly known as iOS in the Car ) give different user experience – first assistant built around Google Now (nee Majel ), the second displays the familiar iOS-car icons.


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