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Choosing a browser for android-devices: the outcome of consideration of 10 applications –

a tablet
Adobe Flash,
traffic compression,

WebKit + Chromium

Mozilla Firefox
+ / – / +

Dolphin Browser
WebKit / Dolphin Jetpack
+ / – / +

– / + / –

UC Browser
U3 Kernel
+ / + / +

Next Browser
+ / – / –
– (there are ads)

CM Browser
+ / – / –

Browser Амиго

Yandex. Браузер

Puffin Web Browser
от 150
+ / – / –
$ 3

According to the summary characteristics of the most successful looks UC Browser, and that’s the worst things in Yandex. Browser and Amigo. All observers are absolutely free, except Puffin Web Browser, its use will have to pay $ 3. However, with Next Browser is not so simple, in his menu there is advertising.

A brief look at the browsers

Big Brother: Google Chrome

 600x293 69 KB

It is Google on the guide is not only the lion’s share of the Internet, but also Android, and many other interesting things. But now we are only interested in Google Chrome.

Whatever coined the “big brother”, but rather the whole it appears in the company’s software. Hardware support? Questions asked. Material Design? Keep. How not cool, but it’s the best browser. It is universal and is recommended for all.

253x449 47 KB. Big one: 720x1280 209 KB

Google Chrome looks good. Why not gorgeous? – You may ask. Yes, he is in harmony with the general view of the system, there looks to pour. As such it is because since OC Android 5.0 (and some assemblies 4.4) Google started to install it forcibly. On modern smartphones Nexus 5, 6 or tablet Nexus 7, 9, 10 – no questions.

But take older device and … Oh my God, what a horror! Here the white panel, there soft blue neon. Further comment is superfluous.

253x431 92 KB. Big one: 600x1024 321 KB

In terms of gluttony Google Chrome is not really something and pleases. With each update, he gains a pair of megabytes of live weight, begins to grow and expected functions slow down. Well, retarding it at a very old devices, about eighteen months ago and still older. Actual “iron” and a couple of gigabytes of RAM – a pledge smooth running Google Chrome.

By the way, it works well. In principle, “no moonlight”, right, that’s not support Adobe Flash.

253x431 26 KB. Big one: 600x1024 72 KB  253x431 76 KB. Big one: 600x1024 215 KB

The functions in the application is more than enough, which alone is worth the support synchronization with a PC version of the browser. And about the traffic compression, transfer pages, live search and other trifles and can not speak. Although no support for extensions, as is done in Dolphin Browser, clearly not enough.

So, if you have the actual gadget, especially from the line of Nexus, Google Chrome is definitely to become the second half for your smartphone or tablet. It is easy to use, beautiful and very functional.

Yes, on older devices does Google will slow down, look anyhow, and all that, but that is the way of life, because we have to improve every day.

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Very smooth: Mozilla Firefox

 600x293 189 KB

It’s no secret that the only Experienced programmers will be able to build a really worthwhile program. They start from scratch: developing its own engine, functionality, design, adapting the application to the exclusive needs and doobrabatyvayut other moments.

That’s what we can say about the developers of the browser Mozilla Firefox.

253x449 67 KB. Big one: 720x1280 206 KB

In the mobile Firefox browser, though some features have remained ” original “web browser, but its design has been redesigned. He handsome? Well, basically, yes. Although something incredible is not there. But everything is simple, clear, and even convenient.

253x449 77 KB. Big one: 720x1280 266 KB

It works incredibly smoothly browser. Gecko – the engine of its own design, one can see that people do not lose time in vain. Yes, the download page does not happen very quickly, but problems with scrolls and zoom at all.

Supports Flash Player, so that the “loaded” the technology pages work fine.

253x449 27 KB. Big one: 720x1280 71 KB

But the opportunities for “Ognelisa” was little. Synchronization with PC version, support for extensions, themes and graphic guest mode. That is to say, there is a minimum set, but no more.

If you’re tired of podlagivany and jerks pages, jerky scrolling and various artifacts, the Mozilla Firefox – your choice. Of course, in addition to it we also need a fast internet connection, but that’s another conversation.

In terms of other aspects of Firefox is not surprising – the typical Web browser, you can say that the smooth operation – this is his only feature.

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functions, features and bells and whistles: Dolphin Browser

 600x293 71 KB

If you are used to support swipe, gestures and other trendy smart features, you can be congratulated – you have a dependency. Therefore, there is only one way, namely to start using Dolphin Browser.

Despite the fact that he appeared long ago, developers weekly delight their users with new portions of features.

253x449 21 KB. Big one: 720x1280 52 KB

Dolphin Browser, though designed for mobile equipment – smartphones and tablets, but its interface is very, very busy. Right menu with all installed extensions, bookmarks on the left, below the controls on top of the various panels, well, the center of the pop-ups and the field of intelligent functions.

In short, the interface Dolphin Browser trashed different elements, so use it except on the tablet or smartphone with a large screen quite simply impossible.

This problem is partly solved by installing a stripped-down version of the Mini application. But also the meaning of the browser then lost – “double-edged sword,” what can I say.

253x449 117 KB. Big one: 720x1280 428 KB

Smooth running the browser is good enough. In other words, with scrolls and zoom no problems, but still there is no technological breakthrough. Site elements are displayed correctly, everything is fine.

But it is necessary to establish a revised engine Dolphin Jetpack, as everything will be even better. This revised WebKit, it has high stability and support for hardware acceleration.

253x449 45 KB. Big one: 720x1280 99 KB

In your browser, Dolphin Browser has support for voice input, gestures , swipe, extensions and much more. Install and try and read a full review of the application on our website.

Because of the incredible features it is worth noting the ability to synchronize bookmarks, passwords and other information from a variety of desktop browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even Apple Safari. Well, just a “killer” function, the same Chrome can synchronize only with Chrome, Firefox with Firefox, Apple Safari and so generally only with gadgets Apple.

In short, Dolphin Browser – is the most advanced and best browser. He has an incredible amount of features and capabilities of the chips. At the same time he was well and adequately working.

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