Thursday, December 25, 2014

Skype keeps track of users Android – Dni.Ru

One user found dangerous vulnerability program Skype, which allows without the knowledge of the interlocutor, to watch him. The dangers faced by people who use the application on an operating system Android.

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The user under the name Ponkers, who found a vulnerability, called it “a nightmare” people who care about the privacy of their personal lives. To carry out his plan, the attacker would need two devices, in which it will go into the same account program. He calls the fact of who wants to track and while the horns are, disconnect the mains. Called on Android smartphone automatically calls back, getting the second, still connected to the network device.

And the person who was the victim of such a “call”, may not even know that his phone to contact someone -That via Skype. Nevertheless it is not a hacker break-in, and the call can be found simply by looking at the screen. In addition, the call history is stored in the program, and people will see with whom and when contacted his phone.

Ponkers reported that discovered this vulnerability when using the phone on the operating system Android, but does not know whether It works with iOS or Windows Phone. In addition, such contact can be established not always, but only in one case out of three, quotes CNews user. Post User is offline Reddit immediately became the subject of discussion, commentators spoke about a similar issue on popular gadgets Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and computer. Some have decided to remove Skype. It is reported that Microsoft is already associated with the user to offer cooperation.


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