Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hearthstone entered the Android-tablet – Dni.Ru

On Android, came the famous card game for Tablet computers Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. In addition to the excellent graphics and addictive gameplay, it also is free.

Earlier Hearthstone game, Blizzard has managed to get out on the iPad April 16, 2014 and since then has gained legendary status. This is a collectible card game online in the universe Warcraft. It can choose from nine classes, each of which has specific abilities. The player must lay cards on the table, anticipating the opponent’s moves. Each match lasts for 10-15 minutes in the area, which is good for mobile games.

Officially, it was released only for tablets on the operating system Android, but craftsmen have been able to run it and smartphones using the framework Xposed (overruled application settings). Also, what is the key parameter in our difficult times, the game is completely free. It has in-game purchases, but without them will comfortably play.

Members received a full game together with addons “Curse Neksramasa” and “against Goblins Dwarfs”, and the first win for a player gets a free card booster (set of maps), where it may be a rare and useful map. Officially, the game is available for devices with a screen diagonal of more than six inches, one gigabyte of RAM and OSes Android 4.0 and above.


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