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Choose the best mobile devices of the outgoing 2014: plenty of Android and a little Apple –





Laboratory famous for its sloupochestvom thoughtful approach. It is not surprising that reached the mobile devices we are only just over a year ago – at the end of 2013th. However, set to work vigorously and quickly work out methods and increase the volume of tests, by the spring became leaders in RuNet as to reach the most interesting smartphones and tablets, and in their informativeness reviews.

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And in May, with the aim of maximum gain a degree of hatred in the comments a more integrated approach to try to become more and weekly to publish guidance on the selection of a mobile device in any narrow – or not – segment. Sometimes successful, sometimes not, but they quickly became the most read a rticles on the site. Well, there is such a time that the practical, that the theoretical basis, it is not a sin to use and does not take stock of this work. Especially as the New Year’s time to contribute.

This is dedicated to the current leadership and – choosing the best devices in all major segments according to the wording of the portal. We begin, of course, to attract the most attention enthusiast segment – the flagship solutions.

Best flagship smartphone


In 2014, saw the light a lot of worthy contenders for the title of лучшего flagship smartphone . Some, such as by Sony, managed for the year to put even two contenders. And some leaders of the product lines, such as, for example, LG, on the contrary, do not be admitted to this contest, as formally fall into the next category – “planshetofonov.” And that is it, in fact, the most uncompromising struggle unfold solutions.

And the best “traditional flagship” with screen sizes up to 5.2-5.3 inches, meanwhile, is …

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The first place: Sony Xperia Z3 – the most technological solution (in this artificially walled segment), which has absorbed the maximum possible today. Here and body from high quality materials with a good degree of protection, and the most powerful platform with the largest amount of RAM, and a bright screen, finally, high-quality matrix and a good camera, and capacious battery, and all the necessary slots – including in koi- then ever and the sec ond SIM (albeit in separate little more expensive option).

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If it were not already a little teeth on edge proprietary glass-angular design and yet a little velikovato-heavy due to the protection of the body in front of us would be the perfect flagship.

A consolation prizes get more than worthy model.

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Second place: HTC One (M8) – the most premium-looking flagship. If it were not stupid camera, smartphone in our eyes would not be equal. Next model seems to be promising to get rid of this annoying shortcoming. But, alas, in the future, the flagship device finally merge with “planshetofonami” (at least up to 5.5 “so exactly), so there will have to compete HTC M9 quite other solutions … But who knows, maybe the manufacturer will do everything correctly.

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Third place: Xiaomi Mi4 – for the beautiful design with excellent other characteristics. If it were not for the greed of the manufacturer, pitied memory card slot, the second connector and SIM quality audio (and still so out of place the appreciated dollar) in front of us would be the winner – at least on a parity “price / quality”.

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A Prize Award edition gets another Chinese smartphone – ZTE Nubia Z7 mini . Despite its name, on the “stuffing” it’s a real flagship of the second half in 2014 with a five-inch screen. Besides avoids ever without any special notable disadvantages: for example, suffers from many of the “expensive Chinese” as the absence of additional slots. Most recently, he also did not cost much.

Unfortunately, the fall of the ruble has confused all the cards you wish to save through the acquisition is not for sale in Russia officially smartphone. However, surprisingly, even today it is the cheapest device of having flagship performance in domestic gray retail – it is quite possible to be purchased for around 18 thousand rubles. Corrupts absolutely gadget only modest appearance. However, if you is not fundamentally, the ZTE Nubia Z7 mini – excellent candidate for purchase.

By the way, having understood the flagships, we can simultaneously select and the best smartphones in the other category.

The Best “dvuhsimochny” machine


From the above models only have Xiaomi Mi4 no suitable version. So Sony Xperia Z3 , HTC One M8 and ZTE Nubia Z7 mini the first three places в this category . A prize of what some sympathy could give Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos … But What kind of sympathy – do you see this machine?

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At this smartphones sane all sizes.

The Best “planshetofon»


Much more interesting this year’s events unfolded in the segment of devices with large screens – the so-called “planshetofonov.” Some manufacturers or just their flagship model is presented in it. And someone already has two long line of smartphones. And if the usual flagship can, they say, the stars from the sky is missing, then топовому “Planshetofonu» at the same time, nothing prevents to be in the forefront.

That’s what happened in the past year with market leader Samsung. Galaxy S5 – a good smartphone, and certainly the best selling Android-competitors. However, by the main nominations of our hit parade he deserved “flying”.

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But the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – is another matter. He is a big step forward not only for the manufacturer, but also for the segment as a whole. That’s him on the set of characteristics we recognize the best “planshetofonom” 2014.

So, the first place: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 . For a complete happiness lacks only the version without brake TouchWiz (though enthusiasts, as always, have already decided this issue – just choose the firmware to taste) so the second slot SIM.

For the rest, everything is fine: to the expected top-end “stuffing” this year were added premium appearance with aluminum frame, support for all the latest communication standards and nice chips like fast charging.

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Second place: LG G3 – for “almost all the same, but much cheaper.” This smartphone has long been on the market, it was presented in the first half and had lost the aura of novelty.

However, if the judge sensibly, LG G3 little inferior to his eminent compatriot and he lacks a certain polish. But it is much cheaper and cost 25 thousand rubles instead of 40 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at the time of this writing.

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Third place: Meizu MX4 – for exactly the same reasons that brought the third place in the last Xiaomi Mi4 categories: excellent performance at a reasonable price and not the Chinese appearance. But also cons here, alas, are the same. Is that except for the sound quality of the headphones. Here at MX4 all traditional producer well.

Although the present flagship music should become more advanced model with the addition of «Pro». Alas, it is up to Russian stores in 2014 and has not reached, so in this chart is not involved.

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But Jury Prize Award among the “planshetofonov” divide the two models. It probably expected you here ZTE Nubia Z7 Max , we could not add OnePlus One . Both smartphones – are great and are good in their own way. Alas, they are not as cheap as a few months ago – because of that and not hit the medalists. However, that one that will be another excellent choice.

Including for music lovers. We will not enter a separate nomination for best musical smartphone – the question подробно disassembled in one of our previous guides. Here except to say that all of the above smartphones, except that Xiaomi Mi4, coping well with the music playback.

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And the incentive prize for “ The love of money» will to win “Apple Inc. receives its smartphone iPhone 6 Plus . He left a good machine, but excessive flexibility body producer in matters of pricing policy in the Russian market brought.

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So brazenly has not raised prices by any other vendor. Indeed, the new iPhone 6 “longer around.”


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