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Tools of the month. Major Android-application of December – BBC News

In the last month of 2014, we continued to follow the fresh applications in the store Google Play. Read our selection of the best Android-December program on tools for encrypted communication, control your smartphone with your PC, peeping through Instagram and more.


In 2015, we should not forget about security and privacy on the Internet. Remember the lessons of Edward Snowden – can monitor every senseless and merciless. To avoid this, a team of former developers of Skype released in December Wire – new instant messenger for encrypted communications. The app allows you to make audiozvonki, exchange messages, photos and other information with a group of friends.

Data security program provides technology-through encryption for all data types, including voice and multimedia. Wire offers cross-platform synchronization messages, the ability to add to the list of contacts from your address book smartphone. Also, the application can create groups that accept push-notification when a new message, share and play files from YouTube and SoundCloud thanks to built-in player.

The application is available for free download in Google Play.

AirDroid 3

The new version of iPhone owners AirDroid cause envy black envy, because even the possibility of Continuity in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite significantly inferior functionality of the program. AirDroid is designed to fully control all the data on your phone from your computer. In the third version appeared in the service desktop client for Mac and Windows, which made the system much more comfortable.

Computer application displays all notifications from your smartphone, and allows you to gain a response from the keyboard. Also directly from your computer, you can receive calls. There is a special key for quick phone search, activate silent mode. AirMirror mode allows you to see in a special window on the computer, the phone display and perform almost any operation. But, the most convenient – implemented file transfer. You can quickly throw off any document from your computer – for example, a song or a text file. Connect the phone to the cable Computer literacy is not necessary for this.

This system setup is extremely simple. You just need to download the client on the computer, enter a username and a password, and then download the client on the phone and enter the same data.


If you’re tired of Google Now, try an alternative from Microsoft. Torque is the main feature is that to start the service enough to shake the smartphone.

Functionality Torque largely repeats the Google Now – the service is able to give ready-made answers, for example, weather, prices, sports scores, flight, nearby restaurants and so on. Release of information provides service owned by Microsoft Bing. Read more about the new product can be found in our article.

The program is available for free download in Google Play


This is an incredibly exciting service, allowing “spy”, for example, their neighbors using Instagram. By their appearance resembles the program itself Instagram, but the main section there is a map on which you can find pictures taken around a given point.

Thus, you can learn, for example, published in Instagram your housemates, or, for example, users in some hot spot in Afghanistan. Travel the world with the help of Instagram (or figure out how to spent the New Year’s Eve neighbors) can be almost infinitely. The application allows you to read the comments and put huskies.

The program is available for free download in Google Play


Social Networks rob us a lot of time. Check first “Vkontakte”, then “Facebook”, and then overpower Twitter – and that’s half a day gone. Appendix WeLike should at least partially flatten the situation.

In one program can be combined once all social networks that you use. Based on the content of these programs is to build a single news feed, which can record laykat. Also the program can quickly publish posts and upload photos to multiple social networks. Supported “OpenID”, “Classmates”, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The program is available for free download in Google Play

SumCity BuiltIt

The legendary town-planning simulator reached the platform Android. Developers managed to surprise thoughtfully adapt the game to the specifics of the mobile platform, so the game really comfortable and pleasant. The graphics are also impressive. However, the spread of the game raises questions on the model of “freemium”. After a few days of play without the use of built-in shopping you suddenly realize that you desperately for anything short of money. So if you are going to build a city seriously, get ready to buy virtual currency.

The application is available for free download on Google Play.


In recent years, developers have grasped the trend in anonimnsti companionship. Another product in this category – FlashChat. This messenger, the main “chip” which is that it is designed for anonymous communication between devices that are on the same Wi-Fi network. Want quietly gossip about the boss from work? It is better to do it through FlashChat, than “ICQ”.

The program is available for free download in Google Play



Best mdiapleer finally came out of the beta stage. For Android released version VLC 1.0, which significantly increased the stability of the application. Apart from minor cosmetic improvements, the program has improved support for subtitles and audio tracks in various formats.


One of the most popular third-party keyboard for Android updated to the fifth version. It improved the Voice Recognition program, new themes in the style of the material design became available to new slot for expansion and other improvements.


Updated and popular anonymous service Secret. Now the program is focused not so much on themselves positions, but on communicating users. The program is not just to make the discussion more convenient news, an opportunity to anonymously communicate "face to face" in real time.


For the first time in a long time, there was a whole bunch of Instagram new filters, sharpened by the use of high-quality camera with modern cameras. Also in the annex redesigned, there is support for video slow-motion and ability to comment in real time.


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