Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Use the Android-smartphone instead of the webcam –


What is Android-smartphone different from the iPhone? Differences in weight, but I’m talking about one. There are an incredible number of situations in which your Android-smartphone can help out, because he has an incredible number of applications. How about the ability to use your smartphone instead of a webcam for video calls over Skype or Hangouts? On the pages of the blog TipsBlast described only one of the options.

Imagine a situation where you do not have at hand the webcam or camera to your laptop is out of order, and is about to start an important videoconference. I am in this case pull out iPad, put it on a stand and call him, but this method has several disadvantages, such as totally inconvenient to use chat during a conversation, take the links and view them. Why all these inconveniences, around us is full of devices with cameras that can be used. Here is a simple guide:

  • Download the app on your smartphone IP Webcam from Google Play .
  • Download the client program for Windows for this link .
  • Open the application settings and select the quality of video and sound according to your own preferences.
  • Click the Start Server, answer all the questions about the current method of connection, and you get IP-address of your camera.
  • The resulting address, you can enter in the address bar of your browser and view the camera or enter a client IP Webcam for Windows, press Autodetect, and start your videokonferentsiiyu.

In fact, this application can be found even a lot of applications, but are not limited only calls. I suggest you Prestressing imagination, and we, in turn, will continue to write about the unlimited possibilities of our gadgets.


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