Sunday, December 21, 2014

BlackBerry Boeing helped create self-destructing Android-smartphone –

In the calendar, the Canadian company BlackBerry third quarter of fiscal year 2015 ended with only 29 of November, so the annual report on the financial results of the period, she made only at the end of этой Week . It is too early to say that things are going well this manufacturer, but some “rays of light” in this glorious beacon lingering problems still problёskivayut.


For example, in terms of net profit came BlackBerry “a plus”, although $ 6 milli on. Hardly a convincing value of the index. In just the past quarter, the company raised $ 793 million., Of which about 46% were in the unit, 46% had more on services, and 8% of the profits brought software and other sources. That is, from the sales of hardware BlackBerry depends a little less than half. Perhaps the company is even a good sign. During the reporting period has sold nearly 1.9 million. Smartphones and generated revenues of about 2 million. Smartphones. In fact, somewhere on the way to final consumers stuck no more than hundreds of thousands of devices BlackBerry.


BlackBerry Operating profit was $ 16 million., The profit rate reached 52%. Get off at a steady revenue growth and stable breakeven BlackBerry intends in the next fiscal year, which begins in March 2015. The chances of escape from losses CEO of BlackBerry estimates at 99%. The strategy of the manufacturer in the segment “Internet of Things” will be released next mont h, eventually BlackBerry will receive in this area a significant portion of the growth of financial indicators.


What is characteristic of the reporting on a quarterly conference CEO John Chen (John Chen) spoke about the collaboration with the American company Boeing, which is known for its civil customers products in the segment of aviation. BlackBerry Boeing helped create protected smartphone with two SIM-cards, running Android. A key feature of the device is not only the ability to encrypt the data, but also the ability to self-destruct at the time of critical danger. For example, in an attempt to tamper it responds to the destruction of stored data. The smartphone has a modular design, a special connector allows you to install any extra battery or unit for use in satellite communication networks. Of course, users of this smartphone will remain employees of government agencies and large corporations working with sensitive information. Ordinary consumers me eting with the device does not shine.


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